Happy Birthday, Lunada! (album)

A couple of months ago I wrote a celebratory post for Thalia’s self-titled 2002 album, which turned 10 this year, and since I really enjoyed writing it and the response from you guys was great, I’m going to keep posting whenever we can celebrate the birthday of one of Thalia’s albums :D

Thalia’s 10th studio album, Lunada, was recorded in 2008 and released worldwide the same year, on June 24. The album was produced entirely by Emilio Estefan and was the last one to be released through Emi Music.

Only 2 singles were extracted from the album, the first one, Ten Paciencia, which eventually was the only one from the disc to have a video clip, and the second one, Sera porque te amo, a Spanish cover version of the Italian song “Sara perche ti amo” by Ricchi e Poveri. Despite the lack of promotion from the record company, the album was #10 in Billboard’s Latin Albums and #4 in Latin Pop Albums.

In an interview for People en Español, Thalia described Lunada like this:

It’s a total beach album for the summer, for partying, that includes songs that were a part of my summer catalog growing up, like Juan Gabriel’s “Insensible.” On the other hand, there are strong and uplifting songs as well, like “Ten paciencia,” or the song that I wrote for my daughter, “Bendita”. One of my biggest goals in life is not necessarily to sing or act, or be a great business woman–although that’s important–but to entertain and fill people with positive energy, and inject happiness into their lives. That’s what I wanted to do with Lunada.

Considering these words, in my opinion Thalia did a really great job with this album and totally fulfilled her goal to fill people with positive energy and happiness with it, I for one definitely feel like she has. Ever since I first listened to this album, without even knowing anything about its history, I instantly felt that it was meant to be a summer album, with rhythms that remind you of the beach, the sun and the sea, which make you wanna dance as soon as you hear them and give you a really good mood.

If I were to talk a little about the tracklist, I’d say that Sangre Caliente is the hottest song I’ve heard from Thalia, the music, the lyrics, the whole song is just… HOT. Last year I was listening to it on the beach and I thought to myself “Well, I have everything here except a guy like that” hahaha :P Moving on hehe, I always find myself “singing” Sera porque te amo and Isla para dos, the latter reminding me of The Little Mermaid. I actually saw a nice fan made video joining the song and images from the movie, but I can’t find it anymore :( Aventurero is also one of my favorites from this album, it has a great beat and I’m always amused by how people think it’s a featuring with Sean Paul (would have been great though). We also have a ballad on this album, Desolvidandote, the only song that’s out of the summer patter. Last but not least, Solo se vive una vez, which inspired my new Internet joke (see my previous post for more LOL): Thalia – singing Solo se vive una vez before YOLO was cool. The “cherry on top of the cake” of this album is Bendita, the song Thalia dedicated to her first child, her daughter Sabrina Sakaë. This is the sweetest song of this album, with lyrics full of love and baby Saki’s voice in the background.

I honestly don’t care about the statistics of this album, in the end for those of us who enjoy listening to it all that doesn’t even matter. Apparently Thalia also declared that she was proud of the production and the materials included on this album and to me she has every reason to be.

What about you, what do you think of this album? Which are your favorite songs? ;)



Source (fotos & info): Wikipedia, Billboard.com, peopleenespanol.com

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