Happy Birthday, Amor a la Mexicana! (album)


Mujer Latina


Mujer Latina is like an anthem, a vivid portrait of the Latin woman, proud of her origins, determined, adventurous and with passion and music running through her veins. Enough said.

PS: this song is one of Thalia’s most popular here in Romania, to this day people still do covers of it on TV :)


Whenever I listen to this song, I always think that this song is the most proudest Latina-pride of any of her songs. The lyrics are strong full of what being a Latina/Latino is. If the AalM song wasnt written, Mujer Latina can be her album title  and top song from. This is one of the top songs that can be treated as Thalia’s signature song along with the AalM song. The music video with it too is great, as well as the Europen version of the video too.And her performance on the EXA concert shows the prideness from her http://youtu.be/uDNm_12yY68?t=2m10s


Great Beat Dance Song i think she’s just telling us How Proud She is as a latina.


Simplement cette chanson est une Bombe…c’est une de mes préférées de l’albums. j’adore comment Thalia montre sa fierté d’ètre latine
La musique est juste de carnaval..elle te donne vraiment envie de bouger de danser . Ici en AFRIQUE c’est l’une des chansons le plus connue de Thalia.


¡Estoy rebuena!. Me fascina esta canción, para mí, es la escencia pura de Thalía, sandunguera, parrandera, pícara, alegre, es Thalía descrita en una canción!!!

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