Thalia sings “Imagine” for UNICEF



UNICEF Mexico has just released this emotional (and way too short!!! 😭) video that features Thalia singing a fragment of John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine”!

“Mexican singer Thalia joins UNICEF’s global campaign for children’s rights through the “Imagine” initiative.” says the description of the video.

Feel free to visit for more info.


In case you missed it, Thalia was named Cyber Ambassador by UNICEF in 2014, for her role in the “El bullying no es un juego” campaign.

Raise your hand (I mean, comment below :P ) if you want to hear Thalia sing the full version of this song!

New photos of Thalia’s children

Although Thalia has been rightfully very consistent about not pushing her children into the public eye, as fame is not something they chose to be born in (a decision that I respect and support, in fact more celebrities should do that in my opinion) a mom is always proud of her kids and wants to share that with the world :) so there’s no harm in releasing a few photos every now and then. And I think no one appreciates that more than us, the F.A.N.S, as we love Sabrina and Matthew as much as we love Thalia and it’s always nice to see how much they’ve changed and grown up, how much they resemble her and how adorable they are.

The following two photos were showed during Thalia’s interview for Primer Impacto:


Sabrina is the spitting image of her mother! And look at Amorcita Love, she’s in heaven! haha


Aaaaawww! This photo is filled with so much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thalia also shared some pics on her Instagram account:


It’s playtime!


Doing the cartwheel like a couple of pros :P


Like mother, like daughter!


I mean, I love this photo so much I don’t even care that I’ve already posted another version of it!

Update: There’s also this photo that Lili Estefan posted on Instagram a few months ago (thanks 


PS: Check out these previous posts too: Part 1, Part 2

Video: Thalía – Como Tú No Hay Dos ft. Becky G


After the magical video for Por lo que reste de vida, Thalia returns with an explosive one for the second single from “Amore Mio”, Como Tú No Hay Dos ft. Becky G. The video is perfect for this song, having an exotic/Ten Paciencia vibe + a really cool nightclub theme going on + both Thalia and Becky G looking smoking hot!


As expected, there’s a lot of dancing in it and we’ve already seen some of the moves during the PLN performance, but at least this time all hands are where they’re supposed to be :P Two of my favorite parts are Thalia’s sequence during “Baby dimelo” and all the dancing in those sparkling black & silver dresses!


What else is there left to say? It’s a fun and awesome video and I’m really loving this “Amore Mio” era! Can’t wait for more!

PS: Here’s Thalia channeling Sailor Moon :D


And this :D


Thalia on Nuestra Belleza Latina

Thalia was a special guest on Nuestra Belleza Latina, a reality show / beauty pageant that airs on Univision. Not only did she promote her Macy’s collection with a challenge for the contestants, but she also grabbed the mic for a song performance. Double win! I love that despite being so focused on the clothing line, she hasn’t forgotten about Amore Mio and is willing to give us the best of both.


Now, everyone knows that Mas is one of Thalia’s favorite songs on Amore Mio, in fact, she loves it so much that she decided to perform it on NBL for no apparent reason (I mean, it’s not a single as far as I know, but I guess it was the obvious choice for that show).


photo via Thalia World

On the other hand, Thalia knows that people looooove seeing her hair in the wind during a performance, so she gave them exactly that, plus an incredible red dress to float with the hair as a bonus! :D Not to mention the hot dance moves :P She was a true love goddess on that stage!

Did you like the performance? Thalia is a great performer, there’s no doubt about that, she knows how to put on a memorable show, but to be honest, the other day I ended up watching a couple of Primera Fila videos on Youtube (I hadn’t done that in a long time) and it suddenly hit me… I miss that Thalia so much. The one who’s focused on singing and pouring her whole heart into a song, not on choreography, not on gimmicks, not on a visually appealing show… just on music. Well, there’s lots of songs on Amore Mio that can bring that Thalia back, so I hope we’ll get to see that soon (especially given that Solo Parecia Amor is the third single from the album).

Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro 2015

After days of hard work and rehearsals the big night finally arrived and Thalia, joined by Becky G, performed their latest single “Como Tu No Hay Dos” on the stage of Premio Lo Nuestro.


Thalia & Becky G rehearsing for PLN – foto via / People en Espanol

But first, let’s talk about the red carpet, which Thalia rocked in a sparkling golden dress!


I loved her hairstyle as well, it reminded me of the one at Met Gala 2013 – one of my all time favorites – and the ear accessories were on point! What else can I say, she looked simply radiant! 😍


(*apparently* she wasn’t the only one in that kind of dress, but she was definitely the most beautiful one! and I’m still laughing at this pic because of all the selfies taken in the back :D )

Thalia and Becky didn’t just perform together, they also hung out on the red carpet:


photos via

Oh, and you have to watch this interview! I can’t handle how lovely and gorgeous she is! 😍

And now, the performance, for which Thalia was introduced as the Queen of Latin Pop (haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate)


The intro was brilliant, I honestly wouldn’t have minded if the entire performance had been like that haha but Thalia & Becky G had a full show planed out, with lots of dancing, hair flipping and even some inappropriate touching? (according to some dirty minds :P ) + a sexy, yet adorable kiss in the end (flashback to PLN 2013 kiss with Prince Royce, anyone?)

It was an explosive performance and the girls owned that stage! *clap clap clap*

Who’s excited for the music video for CTNH2? :D

The only thing I would like to add is that sometimes we don’t realize how much work is put into a performance like this, while for us it was just 4 minutes to watch, those 4 minutes took days of preparation and tons of people working hard in order to deliver a great moment. I’m glad that Thalia shared so much of that on her social networks, it’s been really eye-opening and I think everyone should take a moment to fully appreciate that.

Feel free to check out & for more photos and videos!

Ooooh! I also have to say that it made me so happy to see that Laura Pausini took some time to say hi to Thalia, I was hoping they’d perform “Sino a Ti” hehe but just seeing them together is more than enough :D

I imagine their encounter went something like this hahahaha:

Thalia in 2014 (4) – Magazine features and Instagram shots

Welcome to the last part of this series of posts, where I’ll present some of the most eye-catching photos of Thalia found in magazines in 2014 + the most popular pics she shared on her Instagram account (meaning almost all the pics having over 13.000 likes).

Thalia wasn’t on the cover of many major magazines this year, but she was featured in a great number of different newspapers and magazines all over Latin America. I only chose those that had more original photos that we don’t see everywhere… and they’re all starting September. If you have any suggestions for the previous months, please feel free to share them and I’ll update the post.

Here are Thalia and Laura Pausini on the cover of the October issue of TV y Novelas magazine:


There are 4 more pictures inside the magazine, which you can see here.

Another photo I absolutely love is the one below, from the newspaper Excelsior:


The release of Amore Mio brought some new pics, like this one seen in El Norte:

or the one featured in the November issue of TV y Mas:


and Circulo Mixup (not sure about the month):


We have a lovely photo on the cover of Vida Latina:


and Teve magazine:

+ another one in La Opinion newspaper:


There’s also this wonderful cover of Somos (not sure from which month):


while December magazines had even more exclusive photos, like the ones published in Hola:






Solo Para Ti:


El Especialito:


and TV y Novelas USA:


The cherry on top of the cake is the January issue of Marie Claire:


I think that’s all for the magazine part of the post, as you can see I posted the scans for their photos and not the articles :D but you can find the complete versions + more photos here and here. I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Erika from and Mariel from for all the work they put into getting scans + tons of other exclusive photos and sharing the images with everyone. These posts couldn’t have happened without them and their amazing sites, so thanks, girls!

Also, you need to check out Erika’s incredible Thalia World Magazine, below is just a part of the covers, make sure to click here to read them all!


And now, the award for Best Instagram goes to… Thalia! I gotta admit it wasn’t easy to get all the pics having over 13.000 likes, but they’re so good I had to have them here! Honestly, just looking at them makes me so happy! :D Thalia’s definitely had a great year and I’m grateful for all the incredible moments she shared with all of us.

Well, that’s all folks! Thanks for reading these posts, hope you’ve enjoyed them! Happy New Year to everyone!













Thalia in 2014 (3) – Events

We’ve reached the third part of the Year-End Reviews, the Events! Like every year, Thalia attended lots of events in 2014, giving us plenty of outfits and looks to admire. Shall we?

If it’s February, it’s the Everglades Foundation Benefit. Here are Thalia and Tommy at the 9th year of the event, held in Palm Beach.



Here’s Thalia at the official announcement of her Macy’s clothing line back in March:


During the promotion of Viva Kids in April, Thalia did an autograph session for her fans in Mexico City. She also received the Gold and Platinum Records for her previous albums Viva Tour en Vivo and Habitame Siempre.



Around the same time, she also attended the 20th anniversary of Tommy Hilfiger in Mexico.



Thalia made the headlines once again in May, with her stunning appearance at the renowned MET Gala.



 We have three events in June:

– Salud – What Hispanic Moms Need to Know to Have a Healthy Baby, a March of Dimes educational luncheon



– the Cosmopolitan “Fun, Fearless” Latina Awards, where Thalia received the “Re-inventor of the year” award:

Cosmopolitan "Fun, Fearless" Latina Awards


– and the Tony Awards!



Thalia attended another Tommy Hilfiger event in September, as she was spotted at the designer’s show during the New York Fashion Week.



She also received the “Icono de la Moda” award from Vanidades magazine during their Icons of Style event.



November brought Thalia a very important recognition, as she was named Cyber Ambassador by UNICEF for her involvement in the campaign “El bullying no es un juego” along her friend Yolanda Andrade.


photo: UNICEF

Well, we’ve reached the end of the list, what was your favorite appearance this year? Mine’s definitely the MET Gala one, Thalia looked simply breathtaking! ♥ And when it comes to accessories, the camera-bag at the Vanidades event is the winner for me!

One more post left: Magazine features & Instagram shots! Don’t miss it!

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