Nadia Comaneci a la Mexicana

Months ago as I was watching a fan-made biography about Thalia’s life, I was more than surprised to find out that “Thalia entertained the dream of becoming the Mexican Romanian olympian Nadia Comaneci”, not to mention to watch Thalia herself talking about that. I think that every Romanian feels more than proud when hearing someone talk about Nadia Comaneci, so knowing that the artist whom I admire the most was inspired by her is just wonderful.

A while ago, Thalia posted on her Twitter page a video of herself practicing gymnastics and being just like the one whom she admired in her childhood. 🙂

I also recommend you this video, Nadia Comaneci – The first perfect ten in history (1976 Montreal)

You can follow Nadia Comaneci on Twitter:


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