Make a Wish grants Aaron his wish of meeting Thalia


Thalia posted these photos on her Twitter page, together with this message:

“Gracias a Make a Wish he tenido la fortuna durante varios años, a lo largo de mi carrera, de conocer gente hermosa como Aaron. Esta organización no solo cumple los deseos de los chicos, sino q también nos regala momentos inolvidables de alegría, sonrisas, pláticas bellas y abrazos amorosos. Aqui les dejo 5 fotos de la visita de Aaron al estudio de Conexión Thalia. Muchos abrazos para Aaron y toda su familia!”

“Thanks to Make a Wish, I’ve had the chance, throughout many years of my career, of meeting wonderful people like Aaron. This organization not only fulfills the wishes of these kids, but also gives us unforgettable moments of joy, smiles, great conversations and affectionate hugs. Here are 5 photos of Aaron’s visit at the Conexion Thalia studio. Lots of hugs for Aaron and his entire family!”

I’m always impressed by this kind of moments and by the fact that Thalia never forgets about the people around her and always tries to do wonderful things for them! It’s just heartwarming. 🙂


the photos have also been posted on Thalia’s Facebook page, here


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