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It’s been four months now since I’ve started this blog. I still can’t believe how time flies. I first came up with the idea of having my own blog “space” after leaving TeamThaliaRo. Had one attempt on Posterous, but since I had already gained more experience on working with, I finally decided I should stay here. But I wanted my blog to be different, I wanted to show how much I admire Thalia and everything she does in a more personal way, not by just presenting news, pictures etc., but by leaving my thoughts about the things that impress me the most. I’ve tried to do my best, but now, after studying the blog stats for these past four months, I’ve come to the conclusion that people are more interested in watching photos and videos than in reading someone else’s opinions. 😀 But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing in my own style, because I know that among those who have visited my blog, there are persons who are interested  in that too, even if we’re talking about 5 or 50 people, it still means a lot to me.

So, 4 months, 95 posts, 4 pages, 9 categories, 159 tags and 51 comments, with a total of 22.000 pageviews. Here you can see the evolution of the views:

December 2010: 1.110 pageviews

January 2011: 2.872 pageviews

February 2011: 2.940 pageviews

March 2011: 13.866 pageviews

My top 5 posts:

1. Thalia’s Baby Shower – new photos (2)

2. Equivocada with more than 20 million views on Youtube

3. Sweet child

4. Thalia with two nominations for the 2011 Latin Billboard awards

5. Thalia’s Baby Shower – new photos

In the end, I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog (hopefully not for just one time), to all my friends in the blogroll list for being such good referrers :D, to all the people who have shared my links on Twitter, Facebook and other fan sites, forums or blogs (now I feel like I’m giving my speech after receiving some important award haha), and of course a big THANK YOU to Thalia for being my constant inspiration and for having seen a tiny part (or who knows, maybe even a bigger part) of what I do here. That’s what means the most to me. 🙂


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