Thalia organizes contest on Twitter

As you know, my new book “Growing Stronger” is about to be released. Let’s have a contest! Send me, via Twitter, your designs for the backdrop of my Twitter page using the image of my book cover in English or Spanish that you will find by clicking on the link. On Monday, October 3, I will choose my favorite design and I will upload it to my Twitter page until November. The winner will also get a “follow”, a “retweet” from me and one of the first autographed copies of the book in English or Spanish. So, let’s roll…there is not much time left! May the best design win! Lady T.

Cover of “Growing Stronger”

More info on Thalia’s Twitter page:

Now this is a contest I’d love to participate in, especially with an autographed copy of “Growing Stronger” at stake, but to be honest, I don’t think I even stand a chance at winning, since I basically have no idea of how to do or create things like that *sheds a tear*. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on the contest and make a top of my favorite designs. Good luck to everyone!

Thalia on the cover of People en Español (+scans)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Thalia is featured on the cover of People en Español magazine! You can read more here.


photos and scans via NuestraThalia & ThaliaDiva, courtesy of Armando Correa, dimarie3 and Thalia-Online

No me ensenaste – by Veronica Simo

Vero doesn’t need any further introduction, I believe. You’ve listened to her covers and read about her here (Equivocada – Cover), here (Equivocada – Live performance) and here (Que sera de ti, Entre el mar y una estrella covers).

She’s currently competing in a reality show called “El ultimo cantante“, her first performance being one of Thalia’s song, No me ensenaste. Although she could have changed the song, she decided no to and kept going with it. The result? To me, it was excellent (as expected), I loved every second of it and what I think that what was really special about it is that Vero really made this song hers, giving it her own touch and sharing her feelings through her voice and her performance. I am really happy that she sang this song, as she said, it might not have been the most difficult one to sing, but the key was in sharing something through it… and she absolutely did that!

Here’s the video, too bad it only lasts 2:06 minutes… but that’s what the replay button is for 😀

Later edit: The video is not available anymore, but I’ll find a way to get it 😀

Let’s wish Vero the best of luck throughout the competition, I’m sure she’ll do a wonderful job!! 🙂

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Audio: Thalia en Los Imposibles interview

Well, when I first heard that the Onda la Superestacion  radio station will be airing an interview of Thalia on September 23, I thought it would be a most recent one (or maybe I just misunderstood that), but apparently it was recorded on November 30, 2009… Anyway, here’s the audio and a promo video, enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hay pocas parcelas habitadas en el planeta donde los hombres no se hayan rendido ante el abismo de su belleza. Dicen que su sonrisa genera cataclismos, que su cintura es un país irreal y que su rostro es el comienzo del insomnio. Thalía parece haber sido diseñada para habitar la retina de los fotógrafos y los titulares de la prensa. Posee el rótulo mayor de reina de las telenovelas. Se habla de 150 países subyugados por su carisma. Cuentan dos billones de personas aplaudiendo las lágrimas de sus personajes. Se contabilizan más de 25 millones de discos vendidos. Ha sido rostro de portada más de 12 mil veces. Y ha recibido la llave de más de 50 ciudades alrededor del mundo. Toda una intoxicación de cifras originadas por una sola mujer. Una mujer que tiene casi 30 años conquistando al mundo mientras canta, actúa, declara, camina, se casa, hace radio, escribe un libro, vende joyas, perfumes o chocolates.


Thalia introduces her son Matthew Alejandro (Hola magazine HQ scans)

Lots of thanks to

Thalia introduces her son Matthew Alejandro (

This week on Hola!, Thalia introduces her son Matthew Alejandro, together with her husband Tommy Mottola.

This week in Hola’s magazine pages, singer Thalia introduces her son Matthew Alejandro, who’s almost 3 months old, accompanied by her husband Tommy Mottola. “He’s a wonderful baby, funny, cheerful and very bright. I’ve never been so madly in love with a man.” The couple’s second baby was born a month after the unexpected death of the artist’s mother, therefore she assures: “I know that my son was born a gladiator, because he took his first battle agains pain, agains anxiety and loss during my last month of pregnancy, with my mother’s death.”

Sabrina, the singer’s first-born, is almost 4 years old now and she’s delighted to have a little brother. “Sabrina is a very good sister; she kisses him, she hugs him, tells him stories, and she’s not jealous, not at all.” Having such parents, it’s hardly surprising that being so young, he already has such a well-developed ear. “Matt loves listening to mambo, he falls asleep to that music, so I put some Pérez-Prado and that’s all! I’m happy that in this matter he’s just like his grandmother, who loved listening to mambo every day.”

Even though she’s not rejecting the idea, in fact she’s would love to have another baby soon, Thalia confesses that she’d like to finish some professional projects that she’s been working on first. Among them, her new album, which will be released next year, and a book in which she’s telling her experiences.


Meet Thalia’s baby boy, Matthew Alejandro

Let me just start with a big aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Almost 3 months from his birth, it has finally come the moment to meet him: Matthew Alejandro Mottola! Isn’t he the sweetest baby you’ve ever seen?? 😀 Not to mention that Thalia looks absolutely wonderful! The photo is featured (as expected) on the cover of the Mexican magazine “Hola!”.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of the day admiring this photo! 🙂

photo via @holamexico

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