Thalia, the sweetest person in the world

Read this and you’ll understand why I chose this title 🙂

by @AndreaLuvsNy


Today was one of the most beautiful days for me and @Giota_89. Why? Because we got to meet our idol @Thalia!
It was simply amazing! We have been trying to see her since we got to NY but couldn’t make it. We were truly disappointed when we got to the ABC studio with a huge sad face waiting to get a couple of signed pictures.
Pelon -who btw is a great actor- told us that Thalia wasn’t going to be recording today. We tried to tell him that we saw a tweet from her saying that she’d be on Conexion Thalia but he kept disappointing us. Well, long story short, we were transfered to another studio while Thalia was getting in the building with the cameras and all. Then, we went inside that studio again to get our “pictures” and some cameras were there and a very kind woman who told us to send a message to Thalia. We gave a mini interview -in which we look sooo freaking sad!- and suddenly Thalia walked in saying “Hellloooooo” We just freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine how we’d look like that moment. She was sooo so soo nice & stunning and she kept hugging and kissing us. She is the sweetest person ever! We stayed there for like a couple of hours, talked to Conexion Thalia, got our books signed and took lots of pictures.
Thank you again Thalia. And all of your great team who made this possible!

WE ADORE YOU! Ise mia thea!!!!!

Every day I read a lot of beautiful things fans have to say about Thalia, but this is by far one of the best thing I’ve read. I’ve seen how these two girls did everything they could to make their dream come true and how people on Twitter tried to help too, by sending her tweets and messages.

I was about to say I never would have thought that Thalia would plan a surprise like this, but in fact, that’s not true. Yes, it was a surprise for me too (a tiny one, compared to the girls’) but thinking about it for just a second, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Because that’s the way Thalia is, that’s who she is, she’s a wonderful and sweet person who despite being a successful international artist, renowned and loved worldwide, she always kept such a tight relationship with her fans, a truly genuine one. That’s because to her, they are more like family rather than just fans and that’s exactly why so many people love her.

Of course, all of us dream of having the chance to meet Thalia one day, not Thalia the artist, nor the actress or writer, but the person. I’m really glad for Andrea and Giota and I can only hope that one day I’ll have that honor too.

“Dream is just a word until you decide to fight for it with all your enthusiasm and commitment.” – Paulo Coelho

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