Singer Thalia Gets Personal, Emotional In ‘Growing Stronger’

Great article, I personally read the HuffingtonPost sometimes and so I’m happy to see that they interviewed Thalia about her new book, pointing out some of the things people can find about if they read it. Remember you can find a preview of Growing Stronger by clicking here.

In her new book, “Growing Stronger,” international singer and telenovela star Thalia writes movingly about her whirlwind life and career.

The Mexican-born superstar, who has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, is happily married to Sony executive Tommy Mottola — Mariah Carey’s ex-husband — and is the mother of two children. But getting to this happy point in her life didn’t come without its terrifying moments.

She talked to The Huffington Post about some of her personal struggles, including having to deal with her sisters’ kidnapping, her fight with Lyme disease and facing infertility.

You were a huge international star in the ’90s and ’00s. Which country’s fans blew you away the most when you were touring?

I think it’s between Brazil, the Philippines and Greece. People were very passionate and over the top about showing me their love and affection and they memorized my songs in Spanish. All of that was unbelievable to me.

Your mom was also your manager.

She was by my side since the beginning, taking care of everything for my career, but she also protected me like no one else — like a lioness protects its cubs. She was very powerful and very loving, but also a very smart businesswoman.

Two of your sisters, Laura and Ernestina, were kidnapped in Mexico City in 2002, and were released after over a month. How did you deal with such a scary situation?

I received a phone call saying, “We’ve got your sisters, they’ve been kidnapped.” It was a shock, just going through the process. That experience was very tough for my family. Not just them being kidnapped, but all of us. It was kind of a feeling that all of us were in a bad position. We didn’t know exactly how to overcome that. That’s why I include this story [in “Growing Stronger”] because I want readers to be inspired. Everybody has their own story, everybody has their own journey. In this book, I’m portraying a journey of perseverance and empowerment and everybody can grow stronger from a bad moment in their life.

Read the rest of the interview on HuffingtonPost


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  1. Matias
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 23:18:49

    Me encanta esa foto, Thalía esta cada dia mas hermosa.


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