EA: Without Thalía, no thanks!

After How did Thalia came to be famous in Brazil – or, at least, in my home, it’s time to show you another fun post by EA (which by the way, Paula dedicated to Ana-Maria with a dash; I wonder who that is 😛 )

One of the differences between me and Paula is that she’s been Thalia’s fan for  many, many years now, while I’m more of a “newbie”, so for me it’s great to hear stories from her and get a glimpse of what being Thalia’s fan meant years ago, how they spent time together (well, mostly online) and how they did things back then (LOL, I’m talking about this as if it were ages ago).

So, here’s a post for those people for whom #Thaliafans isn’t a hashtag on Twitter. Enjoy!

(I loved this part hahaha: “I used to enter the channel “yelling”: –Oyeeeeee!!!; which I thought it was “–Helloooo” but was actually “–Listeeeeen to me!!!””)

My life wouldn’t be the same without internet. Or Thalía…

Internet was at it’s adolescence.
We had MIRC’s channel “#Thaliafans” for fun.. I mean, fans. And fans were all around, just a small crowd would adictively use that nice little spot on the web back then. I used to enter the channel “yelling”: –Oyeeeeee!!!; which I thought it was “–Helloooo” but was actually “–Listeeeeen to me!!!”. Never mind, I didn’t care if I couldn’t speak spanish or tagalog, I just wanted to know more about Thalia.

Many friendships from #Thaliafans remains till this very day. I’m positive it’s something I’ll try my best to thank Thalía if my dream of getting to know her in person ever comes true.

I had one other thing to kill time with: Por@mor. It was my Thalia’s dedicated website, between 1998-2000. It became a hit, cause Flavio Carballo and I had one thing or two to add to Jeixon’s original Venezolan Por Amor Fanclub.


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matias
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 15:54:58

    Me encantó ese post, encima fue con dedicatoria hacia vos Anita, me gustó mucho todo lo que dijo. Saludos desde Argentina


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