EA: Thalía at Brazilian Carnaval

Here’s another great story by Espiroquetas Alebrestadas! The funny thing about Paula is that she’s kind of a quiet little writer/blogger/(hey, Paula, what would you call us? haha), she posts something on her page and patiently waits for people to discover it, how cute is that? 🙂 But you know what they say… Sharing is caring! Hint hint 😀

As I started reading the post, “So, it was 1998 when Thalía” my first thought was “wow, 1998? I was … (neaah, not telling you that) years old!” and it goes on “came to Brazil for the fourth time” and I was like “the fourth time? I wish she’d been to Romania for 4 times! or even just once…” and it goes on “in this ocassion for one of her greatest experiences in life: participating at Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro.” “oooh, I bet it was!!” Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do a full text analysis right now! hahaha. (wow, I really love my sense of humor sometimes :D) Anywaaaay…

She was on the shoulders of Superman.

So, it was 1998 when Thalía came to Brazil for the fourth time, in this ocassion for one of her greatest experiences in life: participating at Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro. I used to live 3 hours away from the cidade maravilhosa, but I couldn’t go see her parading. My mom didn’t know much about Rio nor was she comfortable with the travelling idea. I also didn’t want her taking the steps I needed, all by myself, to get to know Thalía (which was a more critical reason).

But that was fine… I was at home pretending I worked at a diary and wanted to take a word with the Mexican Huracan. I’d call Ceaser’s Palace with this story, and yet use a fake spanish accent, God knows why.


If you want to find out how the story goes on next, check out the rest of it by clicking here. It is worth it, trust me! Especially for that secret revealed by Paula at the very end of it!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paula Azevedo (@pinpau)
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 00:19:44

    Hi Anita.. well, writers or bloggers, I think it’s fine. Before, when the sites were hosted on geocities, we’d be called webmasters. Yourself is more like a analizer! 😀

    Sharing is caring, right? I like to share and I like to have responses as well. These little texts I’m actually posting because you, ivan, and others gave me such a nice response about them. I fell really more confortable doing artworks then I do writing something.. maybe when I transfer Espiroquetas to WordPress and sync it with the account at twitter, so I may “hint, hint” followers over there when there’s something new.



    • anamariao7
      Nov 15, 2011 @ 18:58:47

      what I meant by “Sharing is caring” is that you should at least tweet the link of your new posts after publishing them, I’m subscribed to your blog so I know when a new one comes up, but how are the other ones supposed to read them if you don’t share them? until you transfer it to WordPress (although I wouldn’t recommend it, it think Posterous suits your blog better…) at least tweet the post, you have the tweet button right there next to it! 😛 and please, don’t quit writing posts from time to time, you have so many interesting things to share!!


  2. Paula Azevedo (@pinpau)
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 00:20:30

    Oh, and I may not forget.. thanks again for sharing EA’s content >.<


  3. Matias
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 23:56:05

    Muy bueno este post, sin dudas Thalia es un fenómeno en Brasil, ya desde 1998, es y será la mexicana mas querida a nivel internacional, Saludos Ana-Maria with a dash 🙂


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