Happy Birthday, Enséñame a vivir!

ONE YEAR !!! 🙂

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, trying to find the best and most interesting way of writing it… and to be honest, up to this point I still haven’t figured out what a first-year birthday post should look like. Should I tell all over again the story of how I ended up having this blog and what its purpose is? Well, I’ve already used that card 8 months ago, remember this post? I have to admit, I have sometimes ended up being far away from what I initially wanted to do here, but thanks to certain people and conversations, I’ve realized that and tried to get back to that original idea I had in mind.

Or, should I be explaining to you why my first post was the video of Equivocada and a simple sentence like: This is how it all began ? Well, I’ve already done that too, in this letter I wrote to Thalia some time ago. Why I chose this particular name for my blog, Enséñame a vivir ?  My favorite song! Or why I chose to dedicate all this to her, to the only person in the world who could have ever inspired me to do something like this, Thalia? I think that’s more than obvious by now. So what is there left to say on a day like this?

Nothing, but a sincere thank you. That’s all I can say and want to say, thank you, to all the persons who have visited my blog, to everyone who at some point read what I wrote, looked at a photo or watched video I shared here… I do hope you enjoyed them!

I also want to give some special thanks to a few people, those who inspired me the most over the past year. One of them is Mariel, thanks for providing most of the material I used in my posts, but mostly for letting me know how much you like my blog and my writing. Thank you, Paula, for teaching me that the most important thing is TO HAVE FUN while doing this. Thank you, Matias, for all your encouragement, for seeing what most people fail to see and appreciating everything I’ve done here. Thank you, Nastia, for sharing every step of the way with me. And THANK YOU, Thalia, for all the happiness you’ve brought to my life and all the things you’ve thought me and you are yet to teach me, with Cada día más fuerte and everything you’ll be doing from now on. Gracias por enseñarme a vivir. 🙂

This journey is not over here. In fact, it has just begun!

PS: I hope you like the new theme!

PS2: Also, thanks to my sister for putting up with me, for understanding and supporting my “Thali-madness” 😛

I have a confession to make: I have absolutely no idea of when exactly I created this blog. Those few persons who actually know me, also know that I have a really bad memory sometimes 😛 The thing is, my first posts were on another site, and when I imported them to here, their date remained unchanged. So my first post as a “solo” blogger (the funny thing is, I do not consider myself a blogger, but let’s just call it that way) started in December 2010, on the 3rd to be more precise. Which doesn’t matter so much anyway, I guess it’s more important to be celebrating the day I started doing this, rather than the day I actually created THIS blog. 


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 13:43:39

    happy birthday!! i knew that your site will go so far!!! keep up the things that i like about you and your site (& you already know what they are!). even if you dont ‘see’ my presence here, i visit your site & read them!

    keep up the good work, more birthdays to come! ^_^


  2. Matias
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 17:21:21

    El primer año del blog, todo un logro, + de 100.000 visitas, no cualquiera lo logra.
    Gracias por el agradecimiento y tus palabras,yo agradezco a la vida que nos hizo cruzarnos y poder empezar a conocerte Princess Consuela Bananahammock, como te dije una vez, ya formas parte de mi vida, y sabes que en Argentina tenes un amigo, para lo que necesites ahí estaré
    Te quiero Princess Ana-Maria with a dash 🙂


  3. Edward
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 22:06:55

    I discovered this blog about a year ago, and from the beginning I was immediately hooked. I’ve been visiting it ever since! I think I already told you once, but it is extremely well written and a completely different approach as to all the other Thalia sites out there.

    Anyway, congrats on your 100,000 views, and Happy First Birthday. Here’s to many more! Cheers!


    • anamariao7
      Dec 05, 2011 @ 12:07:58

      wow, Edward, I had no idea you’ve been one of my “faithful readers” for so long, I thought you found my blog just a while ago, when you first left a comment on one of my posts! thank you for your words, I’m glad you’re enjoying everything I do here!

      PS: do you happen to be on Twitter? 🙂


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