Thalia at Teleton Mexico 2011

The Teleton in Mexico is an annual event meant to raise funds through donations from all over the country and the world, in order to support rehabilitation centers for disabled children. Back in 1997, when this event first took place, Thalia was the first artist to open the Teleton with a performance, which included some of her popular songs at that time and the official theme song of that year, Llegaras -what a beautiful moment!


Yesterday night, Thalia was back in her beloved country, supporting once again the Teleton with her presence (and not only, she’s been constantly reminding people of it over the last few days on Twitter, asking them to make a donation). Here’s her performance:


Now, my thoughts on that. First of all, I’m more than happy because of Enséñame a vivir, it was the first time we got to see it on stage since Primera Fila, this time with dancers all over the place and a nice choreography, that moment with those two girls dancing with her was great, made me think of the African dances and rhythms (although I must say that her childish and sweet dance on Primera Fila is still my top favorite) and the ending part, with that boy doing an air heart and her holding him close to her was absolutely lovely.

As expected, her words were full of kindness and emotion, it’s obvious that she believes in this cause and wants to help those kids in need. Equivocada was a wonderful choice to end her moment at the Teleton, it was emotional and had new elements, like that group of people all dressed in white, singing along, and of course, the small group of fans singing the song with all their hearts.

It was a great moment, Thalia looked amazing like always, the crowd and her fans were ecstatic (from what I’ve heard, no other artist was so well received by the public) and on Twitter, it made it into the worldwide trending topics. The whole presentation was incredible!

But, inevitably, I have to bring this up. The biggest minus of all her performance, was, in my opinion, the playback. Most fans don’t want to admit it or give it much importance, others pretend it didn’t even happen, but I can’t do that. To be honest, I thought that when I’d watch this video, it would make me cry of emotion, like it happened when I watched this one. Instead, I almost cried because it was playback… I’ll never understand the reasons why an artist decides to do it sometimes, but if I were gifted with an amazing voice and singing were my calling, it would probably be incredibly difficult for me to do it. I want to believe that there were some good reasons behind her decision to have her performance like that, I really do.

All in all, it was great to see her again on stage, in her country, with everyone appreciating what she’s done and most important, with this great purpose of helping children who need it, children who everyday prove us that they’re incredibly strong and they’ll never give up!


PS: Here’s a short interview she gave:

and you can find more HQ photos on


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matias
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 20:52:19

    Wow, Thalia puso este post en sus favoritos en Twitter, viste como ella siempre elige tu blog, que privilegio!!!! Que mejor visitante que tener a Thalia, leyendo tus post.
    En lo personal me encantó como estuvo en el Teletón, los dos temas Enseñame a vivir, y Equivocada me gustaron, aparte lo mas importante es que fue a ayudar a la gente de Mexico, demuestra nuevamente la calidad de persona que es, a parte se llevó la ovación de la noche 🙂
    Beso Enorme Princess Ana-Maria


  2. Edward
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:03:32

    Matias, did Thalia really post this on her favorites on Twitter? If she did, I hope she READ what Ana had to say. I was extremely disappointed with her lipsyncing as well. It’s like, every time she takes a step forward, she takes a step backward. After Primera Fila, I think it is unacceptable for her to lipsync! And I love Thalia so much, I’ve been a fan of hers since I was a kid, but this was just too much for me. I am so glad someone had the courage to call Thalia out on it, because everyone is feeding her lies, sure she was there for a good cause and she looked great, but let’s not fool ourselves. Shame on you Thalia, for deceiving your fans with playback once again.


    • anamariao7
      Dec 06, 2011 @ 12:02:08

      yes, she really added my tweet to her Favorites. but those are pretty harsh words, don’t you think? I only mentioned it because I think it would have made her performance even better than it already was, and because I always say exactly what I think, so I didn’t see why not be completely honest in my post. but words like “feeding her lies” and “Shame on you Thalia, for deceiving your fans” are too much for me to take. I’m sorry that’s what you think and have to say about her.


  3. Edward
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 19:38:45

    Sorry if my words seem harsh, I guess I am just overreacting. I just felt deceived. I mean, if you cry on T.V. and say that your credibility as an artist has been lost, and then you release this amazing LIVE album and you gain back your credibility and the respect of not just your fans, but the public in general, and then you go ahead and lipsync again, it’s seems like a slap on the face! And I only say this because I love Thalia. I’ve loved her since I was 10 years old! Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all be OK by tonight when I watch her perform with Michael Buble. 🙂


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