This morning, thanks to a RT on Twitter, I watched a video. Although my speakers were turned off and I couldn’t hear their voices, the subtitles in Spanish were more than enough for me to realize how much it meant for everyone in the video to support that dream, to help their friend and to convince Thalia of one thing: that she HAS to meet Táyra.

I was so impressed with this video that while watching it I only though of one thing. Thalia HAS to meet her. They convinced me and I was absolutely sure that when she’d watch the video, she would think the same thing, too.

As I was about to tell Táyra how much I loved her video and that I was going to post it on my blog, trying to help even a little bit so that Thalia would watch it, I took a look at her most recent tweets. As it turns out, Thalia’s already watched the video and her reaction, via DMs, was: “Muy hermoso el video” and “:-))))”. So far, so good. But then, I was just sad to see how Táyra took it. That was not the reaction she had expected.

Táyra, I really hope you read this. I don’t know you (I just remember Thalia tweeting your first letter to her some time ago) and you most definitely don’t know me at all. But I hope you listen to what I have to say to you. I know that her response wasn’t the one you hoped for, I understand that it made you feel sad and disappointed and I understand why you wrote the things you wrote after that, I would have probably felt the same way. But I can also assure you that you are wrong. I am 100% sure that Thalia loved your video as much as everyone else. Yes, she might not have said to you right away:  “I want to meet you!” or anything like that. But she let you know that she knows. She knows how much you adore her, how you’ve dedicated part of your life and everything you do to her, how badly you want to meet her. And I’m sure that some time from now, I’ll be writing another post about you and how you made your dream come true, just like I did with Maxi‘s story, or with Andrea and Giota‘s story. So don’t ever stop believing in your dreams and in your power to fulfill them. And don’t ever lose faith in Thalia!

I ended one of those two posts with this quote: “Dream is just a word until you decide to fight for it with all your enthusiasm and commitment.” – Paulo Coelho This video was just a small part of your fight to make your dream come true and I admire that, so don’t give up on your enthusiasm and commitment now!

That’s all I have to say about this… and I hope that everyone here who reads it and dreams of meeting Thalia one day will learn something from it.


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  1. Matias
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 02:31:22

    La verdad que es muy hermoso el video, ver a la mamá de Tayra, a sus amigos, y a ella expresando todo el amor que tiene a Thalía, te hace ver lo que realmente sigfnifica la palabra FAN, ella es un ejemplo de eso, los sueños SIEMPRE pero SIEMPRE que se luchan por ellos, se lo logran, bajar los brazos no es una opción, Ojala su sueño de conocer a Thalía se haga realidad 🙂


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