You sneaky Thalia!

Yes. That’s what I thought at 6:30 am this morning as I was checking Thalia’s tweets from my telephone and saw this:

I couldn’t see the photo from my phone so I didn’t realize what was actually going on… until…

“una travesurita pequeñita” hahaha, right 😛

I’m just thankful my phone is so simple that it can’t open twitter pics unless I want it to and have the patience for them to load, cause otherwise I would have started my day with that traumatizing photo. I feel sorry for those who were actually expecting some sweet, good night picture. When I got back home and looked at that photo and read the info… you can’t imagine how horrible I felt. Leaving Thalia’s joke aside, I can’t understand why anybody would have a tradition like that (no disrespect intended), why they would make little girls do something like that to themselves. For over a thousand years.

Anyway, getting back to Thalia’s “travesurita”, I can imagine her sending that tweet and then rolling on the floor laughing at people’s reactions. And then saying “una travesurita pequeñita” with that cute smile that only she has and that I absolutely adore. Priceless.

(that smile can’t be captured in just one photo, so here’s the video):

Ironically, it’s at the “Yo no me rio, pero podria” verse.

Well, Thali… we’re not laughing now, but imagine what would happen if even a small part of the ~3 million followers will one day decide that “It’s payback time!” I’m just saying 😀

PS: This is the video that inspired the title “You sneaky Thalia!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matias
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 15:23:02

    Por culpa de esa foto yo soñe con ese pie jajaja, por todas esas cosas es que amo a Thalía, me encanta el humor que tiene.


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