Photos: Thalia on “America celebra a Chespirito”

@sonihernandez Muy emotivo el recibimiento a Don Roberto Gomez Bolanos y @thalia le da la bienvenida a su homenaje.

@marthacarrillo Y el auditorio se llena de emocion ante las lagrimas de Chespirito aqui junto con Regil y @thalia

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@LaloGonzalezM Thalía canta “Gracias Chespirito”… Homenaje en el Auditorio Nacional

@LaloGonzalezM Una foto más de Thalía en América Celebra a Chespirito desde el Auditorio Nacional

@LaloGonzalezM Thalía con Chespirito… Ella le da un beso… Él le dice “te amo”

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Photos: Thalia’s Primera Fila with 500.000 copies sold in Mexico

Thalia’s currently in Mexico, with only a few hours left until the Chespirito tribute. Meanwhile, we have some more good news, as it turns out that she has received a certificate as her album, Primera Fila, was sold in more than 500.000 copies in Mexico! Yaaaay!

Here are some photos:

photo via

photo via

photo via

@thalia: Mi compañía entregandome una sorpresota!Una placa por 1/F y su medio millon a 117 semanas de seguir en las listas!!yey!

@thalia: Y unas burbujitas para festejar ! A Su salud que el exito del disco es solo por ustedes!Gracias!questo quelotro..salud!

@thalia Ya estoy llegando a casa.Que viaje tan maravilloso!Cuantas emociones lindas

@thalia Me acabo de despertar! Les voy a subir mas fotitos del “detras de camaras!” buenos dias a las 2:30 de la tarde! Jajaja

“Enséñame a vivir” in pictures (Part 2)

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Little details… “Enséñame a vivir” in pictures

This is my… 200th post! I wanted to have a special post to celebrate it and I finally came up with this, a collection of photos taken out of Thalia’s video for Enséñame a vivir, after all, this blog is deeply connected to that song.

But why did I choose to post all these photos? Because to me this is one of Thalia’s best videos, it’s full of life, joy, happiness, energy, beautiful nature elements like the beach, the sea, the sunset… and mostly because of all the little details hidden inside of it, like a smile or a certain look, an image in the car’s rear-view mirror or in her glasses, some text (which I haven’t figured out where it was taken from), a music sheet, her silhouette into the sun… simply wonderful!


Beautiful, lovely Thalia

For some time now, Thalia has been sharing different photos of her (and self-portraits) on Twitter, some of them with little details added afterwards. I love not only that she makes us smile with every picture that she posts, but that she also takes time to add those cute effects, hearts or flowers.  She’s so sweet, isn’t she? ♥

Here’s a slideshow and a gallery of her photos, I’ll keep it up to date! Enjoy!

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Thalia’s new contest, #CaraChistosa (English + Espanol)

After the success of her 3 previous Twitter contests, the Backdrop design contest, the Halloween costume one and the #YogaPose, it’s time for a new challenge!

Thalia is looking for the people who can make the funniest faces, rewarding her 10 favorites with a signed copy of her latest book, Cada día más fuerte. 

In order to participate, you need to send your picture to her Twitter page: @thalia under the hashtag #CaraChistosa. You can also upload your photo to the page created especially for this contest: Concurso Twitter Thalia – Caras Chistosas that way it will be easier for everyone, especially Thalia, to keep track of all photos! All you have to do is “Like” it and upload your photo (just once!), but don’t forget to mention your Twitter username too!

Thalia’s already having a lot of fun with this!

There’s plenty of time left, the contest ends on the 1st of March! My advice? Be fun and be creative!

I’ve had a small attempt after finding enough courage to publish online some of the pictures I thought I had a funny face in, but I must say that the competition is so tough! 😀 So good luck to everyone!


Aqui tienen algunos detalles en espanol, no los escribi yo y tampoco es la traduccion de mi post en ingles, pero espero que les sirva! Suerte a todos!

Thalia está haciendo un concurso de caras chistosas en su twitter,  la própria Thalia va eligir las 10 caras más chistosas y enviará su libro “Cada dia más fuerte”  autografiado.

Hay una pagina en facebook exclusivamente para el concurso de caras chistosas, sirve para que quede en algun lugar el registro del concurso para ayudar a Thalia a visualizar todas las fotos.  Por eso no repitas tu foto por cuestión de organización de la pagina.

Basta entrar en el enlace abajo, hacer clik en “me gusta” y subir tu foto en el muro con tu nick de twitter, pero no olviden enviar la foto a su vez al twitter de @Thalia

1 de marzo es la fecha limite.

Concurso Twitter Thalia – Caras Chistosas

Thalia @ The Everglades Foundation Seventh Annual Benefit

Thalia and Tommy Mottola attended The Everglades Foundation Seventh Annual Benefit, which took place yesterday evening in Palm Beach, Florida.

Here’s a photo that she shared on Twitter:

HQ photo courtesy of

Also, check out her appearance at the 6th Annual Benefit here.

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