A night to remember: Thalia’s 3rd Twitcam

Last night was a wonderful night to more than 4.000 people, because Thalia dedicated almost an entire hour of her time to all of us during her 3rd Twitcam. Only three months have passed since her second Twitcam, when we celebrated her reaching 2,5 million followers, so it was  time to do the same, but now for 3+ million. If last time I wasn’t able to watch her live because it took place at 4 am in Romania (and then I was so mad at myself for not doing everything I could to be there) fortunately this time Thalia chose a “European-friendly” hour, which made me feel as excited about this Twitcam as I was for her first one, while counting the hours left until I could see her again. Finally, there she was !!! As gorgeous as always, with a beautiful smile on her face, opening once again the doors of her home and her heart to us.

Next, I’m going to share my opinions and thought on the Twitcam, as I am writing this down while watching it again 🙂

I liked what she said about her Twitter family, about how happy she is to have us all there, to read our tweets in the morning, cause that’s exactly how we feel too! I loved the passion in her voice and words when she spoke about her new album, about falling in love with the music and the songs… I can’t wait to listen to it, to feel it, to enjoy it!

She also said that she’ll go on a tour with this new album, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that Romania is on the list of countries which she plans going to, especially since she hasn’t been here yet! To be completely honest, what I don’t get is her constant response to each question like “When are you coming to country X?” “Well, invite me!” To me that’s just a pretty and diplomatic way of turning us down 😛 Just kidding!

I was also hoping that we’ll get to find out more about her baby boy, Matthew Alejandro, and luckily one question was enough for her to show us a picture! ♥ The way she talks about him, changing her voice or whispering is absolutely adorable!

Speaking of Twitter again, I was so impressed by all the things she said about it, about what it means to her, Twitter is much more than a social network, it’s the best means of keeping in touch with everyone no matter where we are, of sharing beautiful and sad moments, of helping each other out, of finding inspiration or simply enjoying each other’s company. I fully agree with that!

Loved the “invitame pues, para un te asi delicioso o unas carnitas, algo… que se deje ver el carino” part. Well, love really goes through the stomach, doesn’t it? hahaha Also, mark these words “Para estar bien conectada, hay que tener MUCHAS herramientas!” hahaha she’s such a gadget lover 😀

What else? Not only she inspires everyone with her latest book, Cada dia mas fuerte, but at the same time she managed to make people love Yoga too 🙂 As someone said, she should definitely make a DVD or write a book about it!

I am glad that she also talked a little bit about Sabrina, because we love her children as much as we love her and it’s always so nice to hear about them!

I wonder what some people asked her, she kept calling some of them “chismosos” and the “de pronto me hacen unas preguntas que WOOOOW,  haha, skipped!” was hilarious! Uhm.. well, I guess this just proved that I’m a little bit “chismosa’ too 😛

After a lot of rumors about her being in the tribute for Chespirito, she finally confirmed it too and we’re all excited to see the results!

We were all sad to hear about Whitney Houston passing away, Thalia’s words with respect to her career and life were so nice and wise…

Someone temped her to sing a little bit of a song from her new album, or speak about the duets that are going  to be on the disc, unfortunately she didn’t give in so easily but we got a promise that at the Twitcam for 4 million followers she would sing a small part. Speaking of duets, I would love her to do one with Pablo Alboran hihi.

I loved how at a certain point she got all bossy and demanded more questions, not hellos hahaha, while at the same time I was desperately sending my question!

One of my favorite moments of the Twitcam was the one where she talked about her bracelet (min 30) because that’s what I had been asking her! I don’t know for sure whether she responded to my tweets or somebody else’s, but ever since I noticed it and wrote this post about it: Things that make me smile… Thalia’s “Cuidame mucho” bracelet I’ve been wanting to know what its meaning is to her and now I finally got my answer. As I expected, it makes her think of her beloved mother… Thalia got emotional while telling the story of the bracelet, which touched my heart. It was so sweet… and I’m sure that dona Yolanda is indeed taking really good care of her and her entire family!

The next questions and her answers were quite interesting! Hope that in the future Twitcams people will send her more questions like those! But here’s another thing that I don’t understand, how the Twitcams are negotiated! Why so “big” numbers? At 4 million, piece of a song, at 5!! mini concert! I would have said at 3.3 song, 3.5 concert hehehe! Who’s with me?

(Que mas? Que mas? Hmm… this really reminds me of someone else :D)

Ooooh, and I loved receiving all those kisses and hugs! “Que rico” 😀

LOL!! Last night while I was watching the Twitcam I heard a Skype sound and though it was mine, but I found it strange that in fact nothing happened. Right now while watching it again and writing this post I realized that it was hers! Thaliaaaaaaaaaa, what’s your Skype id?? 😀 *200 matches found for Thalia* hahaha as if it were that simple… or maybe it’s actually hidden in plain sight… hmmm… *starts adding them all to contact list* hahaha

To answer her question, if I were to choose a Brazilian artist for her to do a duet with, it would be Paula Fernandes from the ladies and Michel Teló from the guys 😛 They are the only ones whom I know and like! 🙂

What an ending! It was so great!! The whole Twitcam was great! As you may have noticed, I used a lot of “I loved” in this post because… well because I LOVED IT! ♥ Thalia, thanks once again for being so open to us, for being so caring and so loving, for being closer to us each day and for giving us unforgettable moments like this one! It means the world to me and I know that for everyone else to! Por eso eres nuestra Lady T, nuestra Thali, nuestra Reina, nuestra muñequita y nuestro tesoro, nuestra vida y nuestro mundo y por eso te amamos tanto! ♥ (Had to say that in Spanish)

Just one more thing, Thali… If you’re reading this (oh and I’ll make sure that you do!) I have a proposal for you and I would be thrilled and honored if you’d say “Yes”! (Nooo, it’s not that kind of proposal LOL). I already can’t wait for the next Twitcam, but I was thinking that in the meantime we could do something else, something like this: have everyone send you questions (just one/person) on Twitter under the hashtag #AskThalia and I’ll have all of them here in a poll. People will vote their favorites and then you’ll answer the ones with the highest votes. This idea can be improved, for now I’d just like to know if it gets your attention, I know it’s a crazy thought but it’s worth a shot! Just let me know what you think, please! 😀

Thanks everyone for reading, hope you enjoyed it!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nayadet Carolina Alvarado Rojas
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 03:53:22

    hola mi reina quisiera q tambien derrepente hablaras con nosotros de facebook ,me encanto verte y ojala puedas venir muy pronto a chile te amo corazon linda eres muy especial adios y muchos besitos a tus bebes te aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooo.


  2. Mariel
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 12:15:58

    it’s good to see how’s thalia nowadays and we all know thalia is not that busy person attending charity events or similar left & right 24/7 lol!

    im not really into twitcam or something, unless it’s JK Rowling (hehe i remember i really go online when she held an online chat to answer Potter fan questions when she’s releasing the 5th or 6th or 7th book). anyway, like i’ve said, it’s good to see her how she’s going. what i really did like on her twitcam is her sharing a pic of matthew & her tech gadgets 😀 im not sure if she uses desktop pc or laptop or netbook or macbook on that twitcam lol

    Her “Well, invite me!” responses is really quite annoying lol i mean common! almost like everyday on twitter lots of her fans on twitter asked her when she’s going to visit or ‘insisting’ to come to their countries XD so i dont know to her XD

    another annoying thing, i dunno if you gonna agree with on this, is her saying about an album concert tour. she always mentioned that: ‘plans/planning a tour’, ‘we’ll go on tour’ blah blah.. since Lunada and that was 2008! XD well, because of that i dont believe on thalia until a appearance, show guesting, promotion or concert tour happened (you can’t blame me! lol). i’ve been following other musicians like her or much famous than her & they do give real concert tour, and they promote the tour date like several months before the tour itself.. nuff said, i think you’re following what i mean hehe XD

    The Chespirito tribute is ok too… and i guess she’ll be doing promotion of her memoir in Mexico too just like the unconfirmed new last December 2011 😀


    • anamariao7
      Feb 14, 2012 @ 12:37:42

      I asked myself the same thing about her pc hahaha and yes, the “Well, invite me” is pretty annoying… I was wondering whether she’s waiting for some kind of public and formal invitation from a TV station or smth… but I once read that some years ago they invited her to a famous Romanian music festival and she asked for $ 1 mil which of course was impossible for us… so that’s another brilliant way of turning down an “invitation” 😀 but anyway, don’t know if that’s true or just a rumor in the press 😛 I totally agree with you on the tour subject too… but I hope that this time she really means it! and yeah, I think the whole fuss about her going to Mexico again very soon is about the Chespirito tribute and her book. well, at least they get to see her… 🙂


  3. Paula Azevedo (@pinpau)
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 01:04:49

    Hi Ana-Maria, I was around and ended up visiting your blog once again 😉
    I didn’t participate at the live twitcam this time, sadly, but when I watched it I suspected you were behind the bracelet question or, if not, would be interested by. I think she was answering to you alright. It was a sweet answer.

    Oh, about the singers.. Paula Fernandes ok but Michel Telo NOT, please!
    The duet I want is Benny Ibarra.



    • anamariao7
      Feb 25, 2012 @ 11:44:41

      hey Paula! I wish you’d stop by more often…
      about the question, yeah, I don’t know what to say, I had the same dilemma at her first twitcam, asked her about her pets and she answered, but I still wasn’t sure if to me or somebody else haha well, it doesn’t even matter that much, since I found out what I wanted to know on both times 🙂
      hahaha, the Michel Telo thing was kind of an inside joke 😛 but why don’t you like him? LOL
      yeah, a duet with Benny would be fantastic! 🙂


  4. Paula Azevedo (@pinpau)
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 23:43:24

    “gadget lover” remembers me of the red Tamagochi Thalia used to have when it was launched.


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