Little details… “Enséñame a vivir” in pictures

This is my… 200th post! I wanted to have a special post to celebrate it and I finally came up with this, a collection of photos taken out of Thalia’s video for Enséñame a vivir, after all, this blog is deeply connected to that song.

But why did I choose to post all these photos? Because to me this is one of Thalia’s best videos, it’s full of life, joy, happiness, energy, beautiful nature elements like the beach, the sea, the sunset… and mostly because of all the little details hidden inside of it, like a smile or a certain look, an image in the car’s rear-view mirror or in her glasses, some text (which I haven’t figured out where it was taken from), a music sheet, her silhouette into the sun… simply wonderful!

And because all of them are captured in just a little over 4 minutes, having them as pictures you can take a closer look and really enjoy them 🙂 At least I did! I realize that 200 pictures is a lot (initially I had 290 but I thought that would be just too much… besides, post no. 200 -> 200 pictures), so if you love Thalia’s sweet smile, her delicate hands or feet (that didn’t come out right, LOL), her excitement and her calm or “I feel like a child all over again” looks in her eyes, you’ll also love watching all these photos!

Later edit: Ok, 200 pics in one post might not have been the best idea… that’s what happens when you are too excited about something and you don’t think it through… I’m going to fix it soon, so in the meantime, please have a little patience with the files while they’re loading! 😀

Later edit 2: I’ve split the gallery in half, you can find the rest of the pictures here: “Enséñame a vivir” in pictures (Part 2) or on my Facebook profile, by clicking here.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daniela
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 02:00:17

    Me da mucha curiosidad saber qué dice ese texto que O.O Hay varias caps que serían winners de #CaraChistosa no? jaja So funny! Hay demasiados detalles que a simple vista no se pueden llegar a apreciar al ver el video; es buena idea la de hacer caps =)


    • anamariao7
      Feb 27, 2012 @ 10:00:05

      a mi tambien! en realidad hay varios textos, unos escritos a mano, otros no, algunos son en ingles, buscando unas palabras clave, vi algo sobre Dick Giordano, algo sobre “el golpe de estilo pulso”, unos personajes llamados Alexis y Wilmar (podrian ser del libro “La virgen de los sicarios”… maybe it’s just random text, just to make it look good hahaha

      “Hay varias caps que serían winners de #CaraChistosa no” exactamente!! sobre todo las underwater hahaha


  2. Flavia
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 15:51:34

    Escogiste muy bien las caps!!!! A mi me encanta la buena vibra de este video, es hermoso!!!!!
    Ahhh y yo igual sigo buscando entender todos los textos misteriosos hahahaha


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