Thalia: “Los 50 mas bellos” – Backstage (Despierta America/Sal y pimienta)

As you may already know, a lot of details from the making of and the backstage of People en Espanol’s “Los 50 mas bellos” were given yesterday during the show “Despierta America” (you can find some of theme here), including a great interview with Thalia 🙂


Here are some backstage photos:

La hermosa Thalía ha formado parte de esta lista varias veces. Foto: Elizabeth Hernandez. 

Y agradeció a sus seguidores por mantenerla entre los más bellos. Foto: Elizabeth Hernandez.

photos via Despierta America / Univision

photo via OmarFernandez31 / ThaliaDiva

One more backstage photo, with Lourdes Stephen (Sal y Pimienta):

photo via ThaliaDiva

For more photos related to Thalia as one of  “Los 50 mas bellos” you can check out my previous posts: here and here.

Speaking of Sal y pimienta, they’ll also air some backstage footage during the show this weekend.

Edit: New backstage photos (this time from Sal y pimienta), once again via ThaliaDiva (Credits: omarfernandez31)

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