@thalia is now following you on Twitter!

That’s the email I would have received two years ago on this same day, May 7, if I hadn’t disabled my Twitter email notifications. 😀

I can’t believe it’s already been two years! I still remember how it happened: only a couple of months had passed since I had declared myself Thalia’s fan on Twitter, after having completely fallen in love with Primera Fila and discovered that I could actually follow her steps, given that not only she was on Twitter, but unlike many, many other artists, she managed her own profile, tweeting and staying in permanent contact with her fans. So there I was, tweeting to her in English, trying to find courage to write in Spanish (and I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t speak Spanish so well today if it weren’t for her) hoping that one day she’ll read me. And one Friday I have this thought and I say to her something like “Hey, since it’s #FollowFriday today, can I recommend myself to you? :D” and to my shock and surprise, she pressed the Follow button! In that moment I was so excited that my heart went crazy and I just couldn’t stop smiling (which happens every time she retweets me, answers to one of my tweets or sends me a DM).

To this day I still don’t know why I find her following me is so great and so important, maybe it really is special, since from almost 4 million followers, I’m among the lucky 1000 who got that, who got to be one step closer to her, while at the same time I can’t understand why she chose me. Maybe it was random, maybe not. But I like to believe that she knows me now, that all the times she wrote to me, even if it was just a word or two, or every time she visited my blog, were because she knows who I am, where I’m from and how much I love her.

So this post is not just about the fact that she’s following me on Twitter, it’s about all the times she made my day and put a smile on my face and in my heart with her words to me, always in the most unexpected moments and also when I needed it the most. For that I say one again, THANK YOU, Thali!

PS: Isn’t it funny that she followed me on the 7th, my nickname being @anamaria_o7 ? 😀


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  1. Mariel
    May 07, 2012 @ 12:37:58

    very well said! i say i feel the same XD i dont know what we have (aside from being her fan) why she follows us… i dont know if she goes on my site too (even for a sec).. we just really dont know!! lol to this day i dont know how she bumped on my twitter account that made her followed me (unlike you, i’m not that really tweeting bunches of ‘follow me’ until she followed me haha!).

    also her RTing our tweets also made us happy (i remember she RT about my post about her & her sisters featured on Hola mag on New Year’s eve :D).. it’s just a wonderful feeling!!! ^_^

    but yeah, you already said it has different kind of happiness when we got (finally!) that email notification that thalia followed us (even though we desperately want her to follows us, so it’s weird why we still got shocked/surprised when she finally followed us lol).

    happy 2 years of thalia following you!!

    PS. i do still keep in my inbox.. i think i put it in a special folder… that twitter notification that thalia followed me ❤


    • anamariao7
      May 08, 2012 @ 18:55:51

      heeeey, what do you mean? I didn’t tweet her bunches of “follow me” until she saw me! 🙂 I’ll admit it, I have started tweeting bunches of different things lately, since I almost thought that this way she’ll finally see some of the things I really wish she’d see, but guess what, 10 consecutive tweets are still not enough. maybe if I’d go with 50 *evil grin*
      and at the beginning you didn’t even mention her in your tweets with your latest pictures or news, but once you did, you got a Follow and RT, didn’t you? 😛
      anyway, it’s always great to know that she read you 😀

      PS: after she followed me I became kinda paranoid for a while, in the first month or so I almost didn’t tweet anything in Romanian because I was afraid she’d see it and unfollow me because she couldn’t understand my tweets 😀 😀 hahahaha


  2. Edward
    May 09, 2012 @ 03:13:24

    Wow! Congrats! That must be a great feeling! Twitter really is great in bringing fans closer to their favorite artist! Even though I don’t have a Twitter account, I still go on just to see what Thalia tweets on a daily basis. 🙂


  3. Edward
    May 09, 2012 @ 20:55:42

    I just haven’t gotten around to creating one. I feel like there is too much social media to keep up with these days. I’m barely getting used to one when a new and better one is already out! 🙂


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