Thalia: Auction for Evelyn #TodosConEvelyn (2)

Evelyn López is a strong 33-year old woman who has been fighting cancer for the past 3 years. She’s the mother of a 9-year old son and has every reason to live and to want to regain her health in this battle against this horrible disease. But as in most cases, money is a problem and that’s why a lot of people have joined forces in order to create awareness and help her in every way that they can. You can find more information on the website they built,

The series of auctions for Evelyn continues, if last time Thalia gave away  a sweater and a couple of signed items, now you can bid for an autographed Marimar Press Kit, which contains exclusive photos of the cast, a script and a cassette with the soundtrack of the telenovela.

You can bid here:

PS: Here’s the person who in the previous auction bid almost 650 US dollars, a pretty impressive amount of money. Her name is Thais and she a Brazilian girl who now lives in Switzerland. Well done!

Remember it’s for a good cause, so go ahead and participate! 🙂

Please visit


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