Thalia at People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen these photos yet? :P Caution: this is going to be a loooong post!

Everyone was looking forward to seeing Thalia at the People en espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala which took place last night at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan and they weren’t disappointed at all! Thalia looked absolutely stunning as she arrived on the red carpet, wearing an incredibly beautiful and sexy dress by Roberto Cavalli, hiiiiigh heels and some really cool accessories, “rawrrr”*. :D The make-up was great, her hair looked perfect, what else can I say? She’s always going to be the Beauty Queen!

PS: Thalia is sexy and she knows it !!!

The first 15 photos are courtesy of, you can find much more HQ photos of the event in the site’s gallery!

Moreover, Thalia took us to the party with her, sharing photos and thoughts on Twitter:

“Papa papa razzi!” Loved it! :D

The look on his face: Priceless :D

“Drama!” Yeah !! Beauty Queen & Drama Queen! I’m not that much of a Beauty Queen, but Drama Queen? 100% !! Jade, are you with me?

Thalia proving once again what a wonderful person she is! This was so nice of her, don’t you think?

Armando Correa also shared some pics on Twitter:

*Here’s an interview from the red carpet:


I looooved it, she talked so nice about everything and the interaction with the people there was great! :D Marimar! Marimar! hahaha

Well, that’s about all! I’m glad that Thali had such a great time doing this whole “Los 50 mas bellos” thing (once again), her appearance at the party was a blast, I’d say one of the best this year, and I can’t wait to see her at other events, looking as gorgeous as always!

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