Journey to the past: Thalia as one of People en Espanol’s “Los Mas Bellos”

Last time I invited you on a “Journey to the past” we discovered together (or remembered) how Thalia’s website changed throghout the years. Today I’m going to talk to you about something different, but using that same idea. Since this year Thalia has been named, for the 9th time, one of the 50 most beautiful people by the People en Espanol magazine, I thought it would be great to take a look back at her previous appearances in the same special issue that has been part of this magazine for the past 14 years.

People en Espanol started the tradition in 1998, back then only “25 bellezas” were chosen. 27 year-old Thalia was one of them, by that time she had already released 5 studio albums and starred in the Marias Trilogy, her beauty being well-known by millions of people worldwide. Her photo was on the cover of the magazine, together with Leonardo DiCaprio and Salma Hayek’s, the cover star being Carlos Ponce.

Here are some images from the photo shoot, of a sweet and sexy Thalia:

During the interview for Cristina Saralegui’s show dedicated to “Las 25 bellezas de 1998”, Thalia shared some of her beauty secrets, drinking a lot of water, taking care of her hair, using creme and removing the make-up as soon as she could being among them. In her opinion, those things guaranteed staying beautiful for a long time. Looking at her now, she was definitely right!

Two years later, in 2000, Thalia was named, for the second time, one of the 25 most beautiful people. Next to Gloria Estefan, she represented the ladies on the cover of the magazine, this time with Juan Soler as the cover star.

2002 came and Thalia was one of the most 25 beautiful people of the year:


In 2003 it was finally time for Thalia to take over the cover of the magazine, this being her first time as the cover girl of “Las 25 bellezas”, while the issue had become the most popular one of the magazine.


Gracing this year’s cover is Mexican singing sensation and EMI international talent Thalia who will debut her first English-language self-titled album early this summer. “Thalia’s combined talents are a winning formula,” says Angelo Figueroa, former Managing Editor of People en Espanol. “Hispanic audiences have always loved her and I’m certain that the rest of the world will too.” source

On the red carpet, Thalia wore a Roberto Cavalli design, which she personalized to match her own style. She was excited to be on the cover of the magazine, but mostly thankful to the public, to the people, for choosing her.

The event organized in honor of the issue was one of the biggest ones of People en espanol to that moment, Thalia being one of the artists who performed that night. In between the songs, she thanked the public once again for choosing her and for supporting her throughout the years, and said that being on that list is a true distinction, as beauty is not only about the looks, it’s also about the look in your eyes, the honesty of a smile and the expression of the skin which gives itself up to everyone.

In the photos featured on the magazine, Thalia looked seductive in her red dress inside a luxury car.

In 2004 the magazine extended the list from 25 bellezas to 50 mas bellos, and in 2005 Thalia made it once again on it. On the website of People en Espanol, we can find this picture and a short text:

“My body: Eating lots of vegetables, having fish, seafood, chicken and a couple of times a week some meat. Drinking a lot of water and doing exercise.

No one knows: Entering a public bathroom is unpleasant, because I have to hold the door handles with my clothes or turn the water on with a Kleenex. I feel that by being in public places I breathe all those people, which are good, but there are also crazy people. That’s my greatest phobia.”


Two years later (2007), Thalia, then 35, had maybe one of the most stunning appearances on the magazine’s list, the black dress she wore for the photo shoot being quite memorable, as well as the other poses and looks.


On the site we find the following information:

Nationality: Mexican

She stands out for: being an actress, singer, business woman and having recently debuted as a radio host on the show “The Conexion Thalia Radio Show”.

Interesting fact: She’s happily married to Tommy Mottola and assures that this year she’s going to be a mother. “My relationship has always been sensational, with or without storms.”


One year later, in 2008, Thalia, mother for the first time, surprised everyone with her majestic look on that year’s issue of “Los 50 mas bellos”, in a photo shoot by Omar Cruz.

For the 7th time, Thalia decorates our list, and just like her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola says, 6 months from having given birth to her little Sabrina Sake, the mexican singer “is more beautiful than ever”.


As we’re getting closer to the present, there’s only one year left to remember, 2010. In another photo shoot by Omar Cruz, Thalia went back to the past, her look reminding of her years as the Marias, while at the same time she remained Thalia the Beauty Queen.

“I don’t want glamour. I’m living the best time of my life, today I’m looking for the simple things.”


We’re back to where we started, an interview for Cristina’s show, with a much wiser Thalia, happy with who she is, a Thalia who values honesty and sincerity, who treats everyone as equal, listens to her heart and says the things just the way she sees them, without caring what anyone thinks about that.

This year Thalia has finally agreed to be on the group cover of the magazine, looking as gorgeous as always, while her arrival at the People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala was one of the most expected ones. And it wasn’t for nothing! All the lights and eyes were on her and her incredibly sexy dress, Thalia proving that at 40 you can still look as beautiful and attractive as at 20, if not even more.

There’s a lot more that can be said about Thalia as one of People en Espanol’s “Los Mas Bellos”, there are lots of materials left to share and see, but unfortunately I couldn’t find more than what I’ve already shown you. If you have any scans or photos that you’d like to share, please do! 🙂

The reason I wrote this post is simple, I wanted to take a journey to the past and admire the way Thalia changed during the years, becoming more beautiful and elegant as time passed. I think that her good looks are just a reflection of her inner beauty, of the wonderful person she is, and that’s why over the years people (or People) kept choosing her as one of the 25 or 50 most beautiful people.

In the end I’d like to thank Ruthie at for allowing me to use her site as source for the most part of this post, as well as for the rest of the photos and the Youtube users who uploaded the videos. And of course, the People en Espanol magazine, for doing such an incredible job.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Flavia Tropia
    May 17, 2012 @ 20:42:28

    love it!!! 😉


  2. Mariel
    May 17, 2012 @ 21:15:33

    Done!!! Agree in every words on this.

    But…. Im surprised that the outift she wore on 2003 gala was Cavalli! I mean it’s just an ordinary white tank top with gray sheer thingy with sequins and typical denim jeans (and those earrings are like dreamcatchers lol). You sure it’s Cavalli? Yeah I just watched the video just before i hit ‘Post Comment’, she did say it’s Cavalli’s hehe! I really thought before she just designed it for herself ‘coz it really looks casual for the event. Just look at the face of the woman behind her ! LOL!

    I have the HQ pics of the 2010 photoshoot.. only 4 pics, included the one she’s on gray (the purple & pink not). Gonna share them soon

    Im expecting your yearend review of Thalia’s year.. especially that she’s at some of interesting events this year! No pressure to you of course XD

    Your next ‘journey to the past’… surprise us!


    • anamariao7
      May 17, 2012 @ 21:34:26

      hahahahahahahaha, you’re killing me !! first the boobies comment, now that photo! that woman’s face is priceless !! hahaha thanks for sharing it!
      and yes, it was a Cavalli a la Thalia hahaha but yeah, see the difference from 2003 to 2012? 😀
      the yearend review is going to be legen…wait for it… dary!!! (oops, I assume you don’t watch How I met your mother hahaha) especially if we’re going to have a new album released this year! oh boy, oh boy! but heeey, it’s still pretty soon to be thinking of it 😛
      hmmm my next “journey to the past” we’ll see… 😉


  3. Mariel
    May 18, 2012 @ 02:43:42

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? My sister is a fan of HIMYM! So I can also watch when when it’s on TV. & It’s really funny. Also ‘legen…wait for it… dary’ is one of the ambitions in one of my all time fave pc game The SIms Medieval 😀 I told this to my sister, & she thinks that one of the game developer is a fan of that show or just that that term is already part of pop culture or both! She also likes Gossip Girl, New Girl, House, some crime shows like Criminal Minds and Bones. We both favorite the 2 Broke Girl$ 😀

    I really dont know when is her album due, in an interview she says summer (& it’s near summer in NY!), some says the last quarter of this year… but I do hope it’s this year. If it is, then she might be going or nominated for the next years awards. Wooooo another events to watch out for!!


  4. angie solorzano
    May 21, 2012 @ 17:50:12

    thalia es la mejor y la mas bella…


  5. Fabio Harlan
    May 21, 2012 @ 19:41:51

    Me encantóooooo! Está padrísimooooooo! Es una bellisima viaje al timepo con Thalía! 🙂


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