Thalia: “Los mas bellos” (Prima TV Romania)

Like I said in my post yesterday, Thalia’s been all over the news with her look at the People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala. If first I showed you a video and article from RTV, today I have another one for you, this time from Prima TV.

Credits: Prima TV

Timpul parcă nu trece peste Ricky Martin, Thalia şi J Lo. Cele trei staruri au fost incluse şi anul acesta pe lista celor mai frumoşi 50 de oameni din lume. Clasamentul a fost întocmit de revista People en espanol, iar norocoşii au fost răsplătiţi şi cu o petrecere pe cinste.

Time seems to stop for Ricky Martin, Thalia and J Lo. The three stars have been included this year also on the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. The top has been created by the People en espanol magazine, and the lucky ones have also been rewarded with an awesome party.

source: PrimaTV

This is also extracted from the video:

[…] The artist (Ricky Martin) was followed by another glamorous presence, Thalia, who is on the list for the 9th time. Asked how she gets more attractive each year, the diva couldn’t give a very clear answer (I LOLed) “Physically I don’t know, but  I think the most unpleasant is the impatience and the bad mood, which suddenly get right back at you.” (I… am not sure I got that right 😀) If for Thalia being on this list wasn’t a surprise at all, the Dominican TV host Charytin Goyco was surprised to find out that at 62, people still find her very beautiful. […]

You can watch the video by clicking here.

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