Live: Thalia – Equivocada (Mas que baile)

Short introduction: As you may already know, I always forget about some of the post Categories I have on my blog, usually for months (I really have to do something about it!) 

This is the first video that popped into my mind when I finally thought about writing a Live post, mostly because it’s one of my favorite performances of Equivocada, and now I just can’t stop listening to it. I remember that the first time I watched it I found it so beautiful and heartfelt that it almost made me cry. I also love the last seconds, when the microphone was so far away and yet her voice sounded so powerful, that’s one of the things that always impress me in a live performance. (And just as a little detail, it’s nice to watch the couple dancing in the background too.)

What do you think of this performance? :)

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