4 million hearts brought together by one person: Thalia

Thalia’s 4th Twitcam came and went, I didn’t get a chance to write about it right away but what better way to spend a 35°C afternoon than to write on your blog? LOL While I’m here melting, here are a few thoughts on what was the shortest but definitely one of the best “online meetings” with Thalia. (edit: I actually finished this muuuuch later)

I really loved the beginning (not only what she said after she realized everyone was there watching, but also before that :D) it was a great introduction, which of course inspired my title for this post, Thalia’s way of talking is so smooth that you wish you could just sit there, look at her and listen to her words and her voice reaching out to you, without ever stopping. But unfortunately time didn’t stop and after only 17 minutes we got back to reality 😛

One particular thing that went directly to my heart from her short introductory speech was what she said about friendship, that she knows many of us have made great friends over the years through her social networks, from countries all over the world, which is really good, cause there isn’t anything greater than friendship. Well, that’s very true and I’m sure most of you can relate to that. I immediately thought of the most important person I met thanks to her, that being my best friend 🙂

Skipping the hellos and kisses sent to and from different countries, let’s go to the info about her new album… I CAN’T WAIT to listen to it !!! Seriously, just look at the passion in her voice and the look in her eyes when she’s talking about it. I have no doubt it is going to be ESPECTACULAR just like she’s said it would be. What really “swept me off my feet” and made me already fall in love with her new album without even having listened to it yet was the image of her whispering that one word that she thinks best describes it: espectacular.

Moving on from the album, the next subject I’d like to mention is food. If I were to make some Internet jokes I’d say that Thalia doesn’t always do a Twitcam, but when she does, she has to talk about food. or One does not simply have a conversation with Thalia without food being involved. They may be really uninspired, but you got the point 😀 Here’s something not many people know… when Thalia followed me the first DM I sent her was a presentation of the Romanian cuisine, hoping that it would convince her to come visit my country 😀 I’m not going to tell you what her response was, but the fact that there was a response says it all hehehe.

My favorite part was when she started talking about her kids, especially Matthew Alejandro’s “mmmm mmmm”s when eating 😀 He turned out to be exactly like his mommy hihi. I’m so happy for her having those two little angels in her life and I’m delighted every time she shares something about them with all of us 🙂

Last but not least, I loved hearing her pronounce my country’s name… twice! Hopefully, HOPEFULLY just like she said in English (by the way, I thought it was great that she did a short translation and summary of the things she’d said during the Twitcam), with this new album she’ll finally go on a tour and maybe come here too.

Well, now that I’ve exposed all my likes and “loveds”, I should also be honest and say that there were a couple of things I didn’t like about this Twitcam. The first one, the time. I was really surprised and a bit disappointed that first she was about to have the Twitcam the moment she reached 4 million followers, which happened at about 4-5 am in Romania and of course, at very similar hours in the rest of the European countries. Luckily, faith was on our side and her attempt failed, so we didn’t miss anything hehe. Anyway, in the end I really appreciated that her second attempt was at a perfect time for (almost) everyone and that during this Twitcam she didn’t forget about us and even had a few words for everyone here.

The second thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that there was no snippet of one of her new songs whatsoever. During the 3rd Twitcam, our “deal” was that she’d have that prepared for us during the 4 million one, and although a twist was added in the meantime, which unfortunately didn’t end as we had expected, I still would have wanted to listen to something like that. Well, knowing her I’d say that she’ll surprise us any time now with parts of her new songs 🙂 Cause “good things come to those who wait”.

That’s about all I had to say about this Twitcam… It was only in January when my friend Matias wrote a guest post about Thalia having reached 3 million followers, and as the number changed to 4, I kept thinking that in the same way, we can now give her “4 million thanks” for being the way she is, for sharing so many moments of her life and career with us and for getting closer to us day by day through Twitter. We’re 4 million hearts brought together by one person: Thalia and we should thank her for that 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alane Cristina
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 00:09:26

    Adorei o post, você soube falar de cada parte da twitcam. Concordo com vc no que disse que não gostou.


  2. danimeizser
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 13:37:51

    “But unfortunately time didn’t stop and after only 17 minutes we got back to reality” feel it after each twitcam hahaha

    Sí que fue breve este Twitcam, pero sobre eso pienso 3 cosas:

    1- Qué artista se toma el tiempo para hacer Twitcam con sus fans? (y no es de conformista) Igualmente, nunca el tiempo es suficiente cuando se trata de Thalía :blush: #GraciasThalia
    2- Cómo no quieren que sea breve, si todo el tiempo se la pasan pidiendo saludos? Yo también me quedaría poco tiempo con Uds. chicos! jajaja
    3- Los 4 millones se alcanzaron después del due date, así que en el fondo no estuvo mal que no presentara avances del nuevo disco (sí, hasta el último segundo todos apelabamos a la compasión de Thalía y a que igualmente nos cantara algo, no? jaja).

    Yo lo vi mientras estaba en la oficina supuestamente trabajando (lo cual, aún así, fue mucho mejor que la noche anterior en la que estaba durmiendo mientras ocurría el intento de Twitcam jaja) y no le pude prestar mucha atención; pero bueno, thanks God we have Youtube =)


    • anamariao7
      Jul 05, 2012 @ 23:11:45

      1 – creo que seria mejor no responder a eso hahaha
      2 – hehe que mala, pues creo que no hay manera de cambiar eso, la gente esta mas interesada en recibir un saludo/beso que hacer preguntas 😛
      3 – el due date no existia cuando ella dijo que durante el Twitcam para celebrar los 4 millones nos presentaria UN pedacito de una nueva cancion… el nuevo reto, que incluyo un deadline supuestamente tenia como “recompensa” VARIOS pedacitos… aunque no hayamos logrado la meta la promesa inicial hubiera tenido que ser cumplida, desde mi punto de vista. pero bueno 😀


  3. Mariel
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 21:58:52

    actually this is the only twitcam of her that i ‘watch’ in full lol ‘coz i really can’t stand watching more than half an hour (in fact 20 minutes is already quite long for me) of a vid if it’s not a movie or tv episode or documentary or an interview lol

    i also like when she talked about her kids (you’ve got a typo error btw, should be ‘two little angels’) and ’bout her upcoming album. i wouldnt expect much about tour as she kept mentioning that since lunada hehe! but what is for sure is she’ll be quite more visible in the coming months especially when there’s a definite date of her upcoming album and that duet with tony bennett (slated to be out winter of 2012).. & probably her children’s book (that i think by 2013 or 2014). definitely we would like to see her perform again (en vivooooooooooo haha!)


    • anamariao7
      Jul 05, 2012 @ 23:18:39

      oops, you’re right about the typo, thanks for pointing it out 🙂
      you mean to tell me that you haven’t watched any of her previous Twitcams?! how about watching 15 minutes a day, as if it were a TV series? hahaha I was surprised that even though this one was so short, I ended up writing a long post again 😀 well I assume the tour talk is in fact just that… talk, but I’m not losing hope LOL and yeah, seeing her perform again would be great, especially if it’s gonna be “en vivooooooooooo” 😛


      • Edward
        Jul 09, 2012 @ 02:38:34

        Thalia’s been saying that she’s going to go on tour ever since I can remember. Honestly, I lost count of how many times she has said it with each album. I don’t even get excited anymore when she says it. I was lucky enough to go to the High Voltage Tour, so I at least have that! LOL

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