Happy Birthday, Lunada! (album)

A couple of months ago I wrote a celebratory post for Thalia’s self-titled 2002 album, which turned 10 this year, and since I really enjoyed writing it and the response from you guys was great, I’m going to keep posting whenever we can celebrate the birthday of one of Thalia’s albums 😀

Thalia’s 10th studio album, Lunada, was recorded in 2008 and released worldwide the same year, on June 24. The album was produced entirely by Emilio Estefan and was the last one to be released through Emi Music.

Only 2 singles were extracted from the album, the first one, Ten Paciencia, which eventually was the only one from the disc to have a video clip, and the second one, Sera porque te amo, a Spanish cover version of the Italian song “Sara perche ti amo” by Ricchi e Poveri. Despite the lack of promotion from the record company, the album was #10 in Billboard’s Latin Albums and #4 in Latin Pop Albums.

In an interview for People en Español, Thalia described Lunada like this:

It’s a total beach album for the summer, for partying, that includes songs that were a part of my summer catalog growing up, like Juan Gabriel’s “Insensible.” On the other hand, there are strong and uplifting songs as well, like “Ten paciencia,” or the song that I wrote for my daughter, “Bendita”. One of my biggest goals in life is not necessarily to sing or act, or be a great business woman–although that’s important–but to entertain and fill people with positive energy, and inject happiness into their lives. That’s what I wanted to do with Lunada.

Considering these words, in my opinion Thalia did a really great job with this album and totally fulfilled her goal to fill people with positive energy and happiness with it, I for one definitely feel like she has. Ever since I first listened to this album, without even knowing anything about its history, I instantly felt that it was meant to be a summer album, with rhythms that remind you of the beach, the sun and the sea, which make you wanna dance as soon as you hear them and give you a really good mood.

If I were to talk a little about the tracklist, I’d say that Sangre Caliente is the hottest song I’ve heard from Thalia, the music, the lyrics, the whole song is just… HOT. Last year I was listening to it on the beach and I thought to myself “Well, I have everything here except a guy like that” hahaha 😛 Moving on hehe, I always find myself “singing” Sera porque te amo and Isla para dos, the latter reminding me of The Little Mermaid. I actually saw a nice fan made video joining the song and images from the movie, but I can’t find it anymore 😦 Aventurero is also one of my favorites from this album, it has a great beat and I’m always amused by how people think it’s a featuring with Sean Paul (would have been great though). We also have a ballad on this album, Desolvidandote, the only song that’s out of the summer patter. Last but not least, Solo se vive una vez, which inspired my new Internet joke (see my previous post for more LOL): Thalia – singing Solo se vive una vez before YOLO was cool. The “cherry on top of the cake” of this album is Bendita, the song Thalia dedicated to her first child, her daughter Sabrina Sakaë. This is the sweetest song of this album, with lyrics full of love and baby Saki’s voice in the background.

I honestly don’t care about the statistics of this album, in the end for those of us who enjoy listening to it all that doesn’t even matter. Apparently Thalia also declared that she was proud of the production and the materials included on this album and to me she has every reason to be.

What about you, what do you think of this album? Which are your favorite songs? 😉

Source (fotos & info): Wikipedia, Billboard.com, peopleenespanol.com


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  1. Mariel
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 22:12:31

    I dont like to miss commenting if your featured post is Lunada as it’s one of my top (if not the top) fave album of her.. I think I’m unconsciously wanting this day comes when you finally talk about this album haha!

    I think Lunada for me is the 2nd best album after Arrasando for me 🙂 Lunada for me is truly that summer album. I love the concept, the photo shoot for this is one of my top fave, songs were really good.. but as we know this really fails in terms of marketing and all that.. it really has so much potential if it was really properly promoted. Didnt you like her Ten paciencia performance in PJ? It has this video tribute that says Thalia ‘returns’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHb3shCzjrE , I love that short clip.. though I didnt enjoy much of her lip synch performance (but glad to see her at that time performing since she gave birth).

    My fave tracks:
    – Sangre Caliente. Like you, I find this song really sexy. This song is my most played from the album haha but I think there’s another sexier song by Thalia which is Sabe bien (ESS). I think if one likes to listen on Thalia by song type (ballad, dance,etc.) and you want a sexy song, I recommend to put on the sexy song playlist Sangre Caliente, Sabe bien, Saliva, Sudor, Sangre, Aerobico, Fantasia, La loca, Tu y yo (Cumbia), Seduccion, Amor a la Mexicana & its Cuca fiesta remix (minus the too much instrumental lol), Un sueno para dos, El proximo viernes

    – Insensible. Even if this is a cover, I like her version.. i think the beat is what makes me like this song, same thing i have for Gracias a Dios con banda. Thalia’s really good doing better covers of another artist.

    – I enjoy also listening to Con este amor as it’s a very fun, sweet and playful song

    – Desolvidandote is one of my top fave ballads of her. Her voice here is very powerful.. she co-wrote this song and this shows that she’s really great writing music. She should write more songs for her album as much as she did on her early albums. This is song is greater if you listen it back to back with Olvidame lol!

    – Bendita. such a very nice song for her daughter.. and I like it when she sang it on Cristina 🙂

    Also, I would like to share!!! The first few beats of Sangre Caliente & Insensible were the same. I dont know if Im the only one who notice that.. but let me know if you quite agree on this XD

    I also nearly forgot to share. This album is one of my very first items that i bought online (‘coz i wasnt sure if this is the very first lol but maybe!).. though i had to asked my online friend of mine to help me purchase it as at that time i didnt know much about credit card and paypal stuffs (she helped me by letting me put the money in her bank account for me to buy it). I also happened to be one of the lucky first 50 buyers who got an autographed picture of her and I already framed it and it hangs beside my bed (I sleep at the upper deck of our double bed 😀 ). I took photos of it as soon as it was finally arrived and opened it. I actually thought that I didnt make it to the first 50 buyers, but when I opened the package there i saw the picture and that autograph and that CD \o/ I posted the photos on my site… but the pics and the posts lost when I transferred to another web host.



    • anamariao7
      Jul 06, 2012 @ 23:54:07

      SERIOUSLY?! 300 more words and your comment would have had the same length as my post! 😛
      why didn’t you say anything about this?! we could have written a combined post, a parallel or something, it would’ve been SO great!!!
      well, I did like her PJ performance, but since I wrote that Ten paciencia was the only one with a video clip and I also didn’t want to post the same song twice, as soon as I saw the Bendita performance (which I didn’t remember) I decided to post that one instead.
      I agree with almost all of your list of sexy songs LOL it’s just none of them “got” to me as much as Sangre caliente does… there’s something about those instruments and rhythms that in comparison with the others just makes it a whole lot better. but I don’t see Sangre as a sexy song, but more as a melancholic one… El proximo viernes inspires me more tenderness than sexiness 😀 and Aerobico is just one of my LEAST favorite songs.
      Insensible – I found out it was a cover just today 😀 same happened with Sera porque te amo (and A quien le importa) for a long time I didn’t know they were covers 😀 and you’re right about the first beats of this song and Sangre caliente, I haven’t noticed it 🙂
      I like Con este amor too, but I was trying not to make the post even longer than it is hehehe
      great remark on Desolvidandote, see, exactly because of this a joint post would have been so awesome 😐
      and YOU HAVE A SIGNED COPY OF LUNADA?! I’m dying to have anything signed or that’s been in Thalia’s hands! *sigh* well “pics or it didn’t happen” hahaha you have to show it to me!!

      in the end, just one more thing left to say: THANKS FOR THE BEST COMMENT EVER!


  2. Mariel
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 09:56:22

    haha!! glad you enjoy my comment.. i was just commenting what i know and feel, no pretensions whatsoever lol plus, as i’ve said, this is Lunada.. i’ve got to comment when the day comes you’ll post it 😀

    it’s not actually a signed copy of the cd.. but a printed photo that comes with the cd for the first 50 buyers. here are the photos of it (pardon the image quality :D).. it would have been nice if it’s personalized with my name on it haha

    notice the track listing, Desolvidandote listed as ‘Desolvidantode’.. ‘coz it’s the first batch of printing (just like in book publishing, it’s the first print edition)

    Unfortunately, the disc has scratches (loooots of it!) as I put it side by side with the other thalia cds I have, ESS & hits remixed (given to me by Alicia of Poland when I sent her a Nandito Ako re-release edition)

    a joint post sounds nice idea… maybe if you have plans to put up another signature EAV post.. maybe it’s a review of each thalia’s albums or performances or what… and you like to have comments from talkative people like me.. i’m in! just nudge me on twitter or sent me an email and let me know in advance 😀


  3. Edward
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 02:27:54

    When I first heard this album the only song I liked was Solo Se Vive Una Vez, I thought it was amazing and it’s also written by Thalia and you can tell because it’s full of her positivism. Anyway, it has taken me years to truly let this album sink in, and now I can totally appreciate it. Even though it’s not one of my favorites, Thalia totally achieved what she wanted to achieve with this album, and I think it’s the only album of hers where the theme has remained consistent.

    The best tracks for me are:
    Insensible (the beat is so reggae, it brings back memories or summers that are long gone)
    Yo No Se Vivir (I love the beginning and how Thalia says “Ayyyy”)
    Aventurero (Pure fire)
    Solo Se Vive Una Vez (Love the message. It’s also my most played song from Lunada)


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