Happy Birthday, Amor a la Mexicana! (album)


Noches sin luna


Another song with a great rhythm but what I like most about it is the lyrics and their meaning. Everyone has “noches sin luna”, dark moments when we feel lost, with no light to guide us and no courage to fight for what we really want, feeling trapped in a grey garden. But eventually the sun rises, the flowers bloom again and our wounds start healing, while we find ourselves ready to live again and to go on no matter what.


One of my least played song… I dont know why but it is or maybe its the male voices in the opening that sounds kinda off to me haha The beats sounds tropical-like.. a song that you can play by the beach at night or just in any place under the moonlit sky. Her voice here is great, with confidence in each words as she sings it.


It’s about this feelings and life that you just wanna escape it and just want to find your way in Life again  to Find your goals  ..  awesome amazing Beats !!


Cette chanson me fascine et j’adore surtout les paroles. et surtout les choeurs sont juste magnifique et encore un rythme très latin
Cette chanson est parfaite pour réfléchir après une longue journée.


Me acuerdo que una de mis mejores amigas de aquella época no paraba de tararearla, hasta me hizo que la incluyera en mi albúm de mecanografía, él que nos pedian que hicieramos cada fin de año, y recuerdo que mientras la tecleaba, la tenía de fondo músical…y yo sigo buscando una forma de escapar, de mis noches sin luna, de este cuento sin final … ♪♫

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