Happy Birthday, El Sexto Sentido! (album)

Well, I don’t seem to manage writing this kind of posts on time… but better late than never, right? 😀

Thalia’s 9th studio album, El Sexto Sentido, was released on July 19, 2005, with 12 tracks and 3 English versions. It had a great debut in Billboard’s Top Latin Albums (#3) and got two Gold certifications in Argentina and Mexico and two Platinum ones in the USA, being sold in nearly 300.000 copies.

Now, enough with the numbers, why don’t we go a little bit behind the story of this album? On the special website released for El Sexto Sentido (http://thalia.com/elsextosentido/) we can find a section titled “T Undressed“, where Thalia herself answered to some questions about the album. I think it’s pretty interesting, so I’m going to choose a few of them and show them here as well.

Amar sin ser amada


The title

The cover

Speaking of, here’s the poster of the “two Thalias”, I love it and I love the text on the right:

As for the songs, El Sexto Sentido is definitely one of my favorite albums and I think that was pretty obvious, since a lot of my “Song of the week” posts were inspired by this album and my experiences and how I felt during those weeks. In case you missed them, here’s Olvidame, No me voy a quebrar, 24.000 besos and Cantando por un sueño, from the Re+Loaded album. It’s worth mentioning that Un alma sentenciada is also one of my favorite ballads, as well as Loca, while Amar sin ser amada and No puedo vivir sin ti are as well on my list of favorites from this album.

I was also glad to see that this album’s birthday got a proper celebration on Twitter, here are some of Thalia’s RTs 🙂

[tweet https://twitter.com/irisjordao/status/225992084199464960]

[tweet https://twitter.com/Spike_23/status/225999913815797762]

[tweet https://twitter.com/thalia/status/226022978276712448]

Feel free to leave your comments about this album 😀

PS: 1. Look at her body on the ASSA Grammy performance!

       2. What is the pretty blonde lady doing to her in the Seduccion video, minute 2:08? hahahaha just kidding 😛

       3. Are there any more LIVE performances of songs from this album, other than Amor prohibido? 😀

Fotos & info: Wikipedia, thalia.com/elsextosentido, twitter.com/thalia,irisjordao,Spike_23,Giota_89

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 19:45:06

    better late than never… so is my comment too lol

    ESS is a so-so album for me.. but it does have many songs that can be easily be someone’s favorite.

    Sabe bien, Olvidame, Un alma sentenciada & Amor prohibido (I just so looooove the very lively opening beats!) are my favorites here. I like No puedo vivir sin ti too, but not the near end of it as it keeps repeating and repeating the choruse & I get dizzy lol I also like Empezar de 0, I like the Middle Eastern instruments playing in the background.

    I do like most the Re+Loaded as it has my all time top favorite songs of her: Cantando por un sueño and La super chica. ‘Cantando..’ is one of my life theme song together with A quien le importa and Y seguir… it’s a very positive and life encouraging song.. really makes me feel good whenever I listen to it 🙂 La super chica is my theme song for thalia! The song is also an empowerment song especially for women.. and the lyrics is just soooo awesome \o/


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