Thalia – Manías (Sabado Gigante)

Thalia participated a few days ago in the 50 year celebration of Sabado Gigante, one of the most popular Latin TV shows, aired by Univision for the past two decades. The celebration took place in Miami and was aired yesterday night, giving us the opportunity to see Thalia’s first TV performance of her latest single, Manías.

Love this pic! 

And here’s the video:

Thalia looked so beautiful and everything was perfect, except for one tiny detail… it wasn’t a live performance. Oh well… Comments have started immediately, people criticizing her outfit (which I have no problem with) and of course, shouting “playback” as loud as they can. But apparently, that’s how the show works and has always worked – or so they say, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t watched it not even once in 50 years LOL

I still have a BIG problem with understanding why artists do or are forced to do playback during a performance especially like this one, I find it particularly ridiculous to watch a group of musicians “playing” violins and cellos etc behind an artist, like… what are they even there for? Somebody enlighten me, please! I suppose it’s all part of the “entertainment”, of putting a great show despite of everything else. I’m sorry, but I’m just not entertained by that. I did enjoy though how kind and sweet she was after the performance 🙂

I will always love, admire and support Thalia no matter what, but my heart weeps every time I see a performance like this… That being said, I’m looking forward for Univision to air Thalia’s “Habitame Siempre” concert, as I know that’s what will really entertain me, hearing a beautiful voice and watching a performance full of passion and emotions.

Photos courtesy of, here are a few backstage pics as well:

Photos: Thalia looking stunning at “Mi Música, Mi Herencia” special event

As a mom, Thalia constantly gets involved and supports campaigns dedicated to children and mothers. Therefore, this week she participated in an amazing event organized by Pampers for future Hispanic moms 🙂

When the news first came out, I thought she would be singing during the “Mi Música, Mi Herencia” concert, but it turned out she was only hosting it… and I may have been a little bit disappointed, but once I saw and understood what the event was all about, I instantly changed my opinion, as for some reason I think her being there with that role was more rewarding than a performance would have been.

Thalia arrived on the “red” carpet looking absolutely stunning in her red dress I think this appearance might just be one of my favorites! LadyT in red. Chris de Burgh’s song, “Lady in red” instantly came to my mind as I looked at the pictures. “I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight, I’ve never seen you shine so bright” ♪♫ Beautiful!

I also loved how she connected with the children, just look at those adorable pictures!! I melted in a second. 😀 As expected, during the interviews she gave, Thalia said she would be more than happy to have another child, so I guess we shall wait and see what happens 😀

Here are some pictures, courtesy of, I highly recommend you to click on the hyperlink and check out her full galleries of the event, with hundreds of MQ, HQ and UHQ (hehe) photos! Also, if you don’t want to miss any of the videos and news about Thalia at “Mi musica, Mi herencia” and not only, the guys from Thalia-Diva have them all ready for you!

Live: Tony Bennett feat. Thalia – The way you look tonight

Tony Bennett is currently promoting his latest album – Viva Duets, and invited Thalia to perform live with him their duet, The way you look tonight, on an American morning show – the Today Show.

In case you missed it, you can watch here their performance:

A few thoughts on that? I was glad that Thalia got to sing one more time with him, and not just for the album, it must be great to have the opportunity to join him and perform with him not only in a studio, but also on a live show. I liked their chat in the beginning and especially in the end, talking about Tony’s Spanish hehe As for the performance, I think Thalia did an even better job live, she really gave that song her best and the result was beautiful, plus her stage presence was great!

PS: One thing I particularly liked was the “Y esa brisa, brisa de mar, llena mi, mi corazon” part, followed by the “uuuuh” I did not see that coming hahaha I even tweeted to her that I almost thought she was going for the “au!” from Marimar. 😀 Anyway, that moment was so adorable that I even had to capture it in a pic hihi:

New Song: Tony Bennett feat. Thalia – The way you look tonight

As you may all know by now, Tony Bennett’s latest album, “Viva Duets”, set to be released this October 23, features duets with top Latin recording artists, Thalia being one of them.

“The way you look tonight” was first released in 1936 and has been covered by many artists since, Tony Bennett’s version becoming part of the soundtrack of the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. He’s also done a duet with Faith Hill and for this new album it was Thalia’s turn to leave her special touch on the song.

While on Tony Bennett’s media networks some of the music videos of the songs included on the album have already been released, was the first to premiere the duet with Thalia on one of their radio stations, so click here to listen to it!

According to People en español, Thalia was given a list of options and she chose “The way you look tonight”: “I’ve loved this song ever since Julia Roberts’ movie was released (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”)”, she said.

Obviously, the duet is absolutely wonderful and Thalia’s choice couldn’t have been better, it’s a sweet and calming song, with romantic lyrics, which for some reason makes me think of winter, this song being the perfect way of relaxing during a cold, snowy evening.

That being said, I’m looking forward to also watching the video (there has to be one!) and I’m also curious about the “Guitar Only” version of the duet, featured on the special US Target album.

photos via

Lyric video: Thalía – Manías


The wait is over! I’ve been wanting to post this for soooo long (well, in fact it’s only been a week since the official release of Manías on iTunes & Amazon), especially since I discovered Thalia’s VEVO channel on Youtube – ThaliaVEVO (once again – finally!) I knew it was a matter of time until the lyric video would be uploaded (thank God it is available for my country, otherwise I would have gone really mad) and although I don’t understand why it didn’t happen on the release day of the single (some kind of marketing strategy, I guess), it doesn’t even matter now. What matters is that I can finally share the song HERE on my blog (cause I didn’t want to do so with the ones that “leaked” on Youtube).

First of all, let me just tell you that I first listened to Manías at 3 am and it was a unique feeling… here’s me “sleeptweeting” about it haha:

@thalia it’s 3am and i just listened to it for the first time. AM I DREAMING?! it’s heartbreaking and it’s simply brilliant. *speechless*

I’ve had it on repeat almost every day since, I LOVE IT and can’t get enough of it !!! That voice, that powerful interpretation, the magical instrumental (is that a small orchestra in the background?) everything’s PERFECT!

Not to mention that I was even more excited to listen to Manías as it is the first single of a new album that Thalia releases since I became her fan, so all this is a new experience for me and I’m enjoying every step of the way!

Now, about the lyric video, it’s very well done, I love the transitions and the effects and especially the photos that pop up towards the end, as well as the texts & the closing photos. It’s something that I haven’t seen on other lyric videos, so thumbs up for that too!

thanks Ruslan Shakirov

Ooooh, I almost forgot, I didn’t get a chance to talk about the single cover either… but I guess you all know what I’m about to say: I LOVE IT!

Please let me know what YOU think of Manías and the lyric video!

PS: November 19 is SO CLOSE, I’ll probably be on cloud nine the first time I’ll get to listen to Habítame Siempre. ♥♥♥

PS2: If you speak Romanian or get along with Google Translate :P, feel free to check out this awesome article about Manías by

PS3: “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it”!! hehehe 😀

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