Lyric video: Thalía – Manías


The wait is over! I’ve been wanting to post this for soooo long (well, in fact it’s only been a week since the official release of Manías on iTunes & Amazon), especially since I discovered Thalia’s VEVO channel on Youtube – ThaliaVEVO (once again – finally!) I knew it was a matter of time until the lyric video would be uploaded (thank God it is available for my country, otherwise I would have gone really mad) and although I don’t understand why it didn’t happen on the release day of the single (some kind of marketing strategy, I guess), it doesn’t even matter now. What matters is that I can finally share the song HERE on my blog (cause I didn’t want to do so with the ones that “leaked” on Youtube).

First of all, let me just tell you that I first listened to Manías at 3 am and it was a unique feeling… here’s me “sleeptweeting” about it haha:

@thalia it’s 3am and i just listened to it for the first time. AM I DREAMING?! it’s heartbreaking and it’s simply brilliant. *speechless*

I’ve had it on repeat almost every day since, I LOVE IT and can’t get enough of it !!! That voice, that powerful interpretation, the magical instrumental (is that a small orchestra in the background?) everything’s PERFECT!

Not to mention that I was even more excited to listen to Manías as it is the first single of a new album that Thalia releases since I became her fan, so all this is a new experience for me and I’m enjoying every step of the way!

Now, about the lyric video, it’s very well done, I love the transitions and the effects and especially the photos that pop up towards the end, as well as the texts & the closing photos. It’s something that I haven’t seen on other lyric videos, so thumbs up for that too!

thanks Ruslan Shakirov

Ooooh, I almost forgot, I didn’t get a chance to talk about the single cover either… but I guess you all know what I’m about to say: I LOVE IT!

Please let me know what YOU think of Manías and the lyric video!

PS: November 19 is SO CLOSE, I’ll probably be on cloud nine the first time I’ll get to listen to Habítame Siempre. ♥♥♥

PS2: If you speak Romanian or get along with Google Translate :P, feel free to check out this awesome article about Manías by

PS3: “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it”!! hehehe 😀


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  1. Mariel
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 19:47:03

    so glad people like you exist hehe!! i really didnt watch the whole lyric video.. not that I dont like it, it’s just that ummm i dont feel watching it hehe! seriously, i got my first experience with this lyric video from my friend’s site, En el amor hay que perdonar by Belinda , I was like.. that’s cool but then kinda cheesy or cheap LOL but thumbs up with the effects (it takes a lot of effort synching the audio with the video with text!). Is that the trend now… official video lyrics?

    and thanks again with this post that it is where that that pretty thalia pic in a bun with Manias lyrics on her hair (does that sentence make sense? haha)

    i cant wait for the rest of the album, especially those upbeat, happy songs, Ensename a vivir-ish songs!! ^_^


    • anamariao7
      Oct 17, 2012 @ 10:52:40

      “so glad people like you exist hehe!!” oh stop it, you LOL what did I do to deserve such words?

      so you mean to tell me you haven’t watched this lyric video?! shame on you! and yeah, that’s the trend now, for example a few weeks ago on Pink’s VEVO channel on Youtube they’ve uploaded almost (if not all) the lyric videos of her new album. nowadays everyone has them, I think since the song will end up on Youtube anyway, and since lyric sites are so popular, cause everyone wants to see them, it’s a good thing to have that kind of video for promoting the song.

      “and thanks again with this post that it is where that that pretty thalia pic in a bun with Manias lyrics on her hair (does that sentence make sense? haha)” NOT AT ALL! something about the photo LOL but I don’t understand what you mean 😛 (the first one I took from Thalia’s Instagram & the one I added today, the official one, is from the producer of the video – see his name below the pic)

      and I’m telling you since right now, if “Noche de verano” is included on Habitame Siempre, that’s gonna be my second “Ensename a vivir” 😀


  2. Mariel
    Oct 17, 2012 @ 14:31:25

    that’s why i dont like commenting/talking when i’m nearly empty (sleepy!), my english will be all over the place haha!

    what i mean about the photo, i first saw the photo on fb, check it to see if it’s fanmade.. but it looks so professional. then i look on tumblr, i saw it.. so i thought it’s where originally from. i’ve actually seen the Manias lyric video at that time (well some bits of it). but since i’m not really a fan of this lyric video trend, i just dont bother watching it (shoot me! lol)

    … and then boom!! you finally made a post & it’s about this lyric video 😀 that’s what i’m thankful for that you checked it out.. & that made me finally watch it whole after reading this post XD that’s why i also made a comment to my fellow Potterfan, Giota & Oleandra, that it reminds me of the 3rd Potter film credits & the inkblots (they really do strikingly look similar 🙂 ) And because of that too, now I know where that that wonderful photo of Thalia came from!

    for sure there will be another song/s that i’ll (or we’ll) like as much as we do with Ensename a vivir from this Habitame siempre!!


  3. psy
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 19:04:20

    The last part of Manias lyric video is epic. Her last image is totally a diva post.


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