Live: Tony Bennett feat. Thalia – The way you look tonight

Tony Bennett is currently promoting his latest album – Viva Duets, and invited Thalia to perform live with him their duet, The way you look tonight, on an American morning show – the Today Show.

In case you missed it, you can watch here their performance:

A few thoughts on that? I was glad that Thalia got to sing one more time with him, and not just for the album, it must be great to have the opportunity to join him and perform with him not only in a studio, but also on a live show. I liked their chat in the beginning and especially in the end, talking about Tony’s Spanish hehe As for the performance, I think Thalia did an even better job live, she really gave that song her best and the result was beautiful, plus her stage presence was great!

PS: One thing I particularly liked was the “Y esa brisa, brisa de mar, llena mi, mi corazon” part, followed by the “uuuuh” I did not see that coming hahaha I even tweeted to her that I almost thought she was going for the “au!” from Marimar. 😀 Anyway, that moment was so adorable that I even had to capture it in a pic hihi:

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