Thalia – Manías (Sabado Gigante)

Thalia participated a few days ago in the 50 year celebration of Sabado Gigante, one of the most popular Latin TV shows, aired by Univision for the past two decades. The celebration took place in Miami and was aired yesterday night, giving us the opportunity to see Thalia’s first TV performance of her latest single, Manías.

Love this pic! 

And here’s the video:


Thalia looked so beautiful and everything was perfect, except for one tiny detail… it wasn’t a live performance. Oh well… Comments have started immediately, people criticizing her outfit (which I have no problem with) and of course, shouting “playback” as loud as they can. But apparently, that’s how the show works and has always worked – or so they say, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t watched it not even once in 50 years LOL

I still have a BIG problem with understanding why artists do or are forced to do playback during a performance especially like this one, I find it particularly ridiculous to watch a group of musicians “playing” violins and cellos etc behind an artist, like… what are they even there for? Somebody enlighten me, please! I suppose it’s all part of the “entertainment”, of putting a great show despite of everything else. I’m sorry, but I’m just not entertained by that. I did enjoy though how kind and sweet she was after the performance :)

I will always love, admire and support Thalia no matter what, but my heart weeps every time I see a performance like this… That being said, I’m looking forward for Univision to air Thalia’s “Habitame Siempre” concert, as I know that’s what will really entertain me, hearing a beautiful voice and watching a performance full of passion and emotions.

Photos courtesy of, here are a few backstage pics as well:

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