Thalia – Habítame Siempre (Album cover, Tracklist, Previews and more)

Ever since Habítame Siempre was added on Amazon, at first giving away only a few details, I’ve been “patiently” waiting for them to also share the album cover and the previews of the songs. In the meantime, Thalia herself presented the cover on her Instagram account. It looks great, maybe it’s not exactly what I would have expected (well, in fact, I haven’t even tried to imagine it) but it’s a beautiful shot and there’s certainly something special about it…

Last week we finally got a glimpse of what the album sounds like in its studio version, and I say that because of the fortunate people who got the chance to enjoy a great part of it live, while the rest of us had to be a little bit more patient. I do have to be honest and say that I couldn’t resist myself and so I watched all the videos that were posted on Youtube shortly after the concert, therefore what was left of the surprise element were only the tracks that weren’t performed during the concert and hearing the studio versions of the songs, or at least their previews.

(for some reason I’m having a difficult time writing this post, so bare with me…)

Before we get to the actual songs, let’s first talk about the tracklist of the album. Apparently there are 3 versions, so far hahaha, two of them are official, one I’m not so sure, but the thing is, the last one is kind of “too good to be true”. So, first we have the standard version (sold on Amazon), which has the following cover and tracks:

1. Habítame Siempre – Thalía 4:01
2. Con Los Años Que Me Quedan – Thalía Feat. Leonel García, Samo and Jesús Navarro 4:56
3. Manías – Thalía 3:49
4. Te Perdiste Mi Amor – Thalía Feat. Prince Royce 3:40
5. No Soy El Aire – Thalía 4:06
6. Bésame Mucho – Thalía Feat. Michael Bublé 3:39
7. Regalito De Dios – Thalía 3:12
8. Tómame O Déjame – Thalía 3:39
9. Muñequita Linda (Te Quiero, Dijiste) – Thalía Feat. Robbie Williams 3:34
10. Bésame – Thalía 4:36
11. Dime Si Ahora – Thalía Feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa 4:42
12. Ojalá – Thalía 3:41

There’s also the Target exclusive version, which has three more songs:

1. Habítame Siempre
2. Con los Años que me Quedan Feat. Samo, Leonel García and Jesús Navarro
3. Manías
4. Te Perdiste mi Amor Feat. Prince Royce
5. No Soy el Aire
6. Bésame Mucho Feat. Michael Bublé
7. Regalito de Dios
8. Tómame o Déjame
9. Te Quiero, Dijiste (Muñequita Linda) Feat. Robbie Williams
10. Bésame
11. Dime si Ahora Feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa
12. Hoy ten miedo de mi
13. La Apuesta Feat. Erik Rubín
14. Ojalá
15. La atmósfera

And there’s also the one found by Mariel on an Argentinian store, which has 17 tracks (I’m telling you, it’s too good to be true)

1 habítame siempre 04:05
2 con los años que me quedan 04:57
3 manias 03:48
4 te perdiste mi amor 03:40
5 no soy el aire 04:07
6 besame mucho 03:45
7 regalito de dios 03:10
8 tomame o dejame 03:38
9 muñequita linda (te quiero, dijiste) 03:31
10 besame 04:34
11 dime si ahora 04:42
12 ojala 03:38
13 la apuesta 03:33
14 hoy ten miedo de mi 02:30
15 atmosfera 03:45
16 vete 03:24
17 tu amor 04:37

Thalia did give a number of the songs in an interview, but I don’t remember which one or what the number was hehe, but I wish all the versions had 17 tracks, I find it pretty strange (read unfair) that the standard edition only has 12 tracks, while others have more, not to mention that since Target doesn’t ship internationally, it’s gonna be even more difficult to get our hands on it.

So, finally, my thoughts on the previews:

 Habítame Siempre: I have to be honest again and confess that I’ve already listened to the full version that was “accidentally” leaked on Youtube and I love it, it’s definitely a great song and it deserves to be the album title ♥

– Con los Años que me Quedan: I wasn’t familiar with Gloria Estefan’s song (yes, I’ve been living under a rock) but I think it’s interesting to listen to a quartet version. I’m not familiar with Samo and Jesús Navarro either LOL but I’m sure the result is a really good one!

– Manías: well, Manías will definitely remain one of my favorites, if you’ve read my post about it you know why 😉

– Te Perdiste mi Amor: I’m not a big fan of bachatas, or Prince Royce’s for that matter hehe, but I admit that the preview sounds great and I love that it’s in spanglish

– No Soy el Aire: oh boy. why do the previews only last 30 seconds? I WANT more of this song!!!

Bésame Mucho: I love Michael Bublé more since his Christmas album and duet with Thalia, I also love that they decided to sing this classic, it’s going to be a special version, I’m sure!

Regalito de Dios: yeaaaaaaaaah! ♫♪ makes me wanna danceee and it reminds me of “Thalia la antigua” hehe the one who sang Juana or Ponle remedio, with that playful vision of love 😀

– Tómame o Déjame: I love it, it moved me from the first second I listened to it, I can’t wait for the full version, as I’m sure it’s going to become one of my favorites of this album and not only

– Muñequita Linda (Te Quiero, Dijiste): wow, I think one of the things that surprised me the most about this album was finding out about the duet with Robbie Williams. how cool is that? And on top of it, she made him sing in Spanish hahaha double win! way to go, Thali!!

– Bésame: we have another cover (well, should I say I didn’t know that song either? hahaha) the lyrics are beautiful and Thalia’s way of singing the song is sweet and tender, I’m looking forward to listening to the full song!

– Dime si Ahora: should I also say I’ve never heard of Gilberto Santa Rosa before? this is getting embarrassing *blushing* the preview doesn’t include his voice, but for some reason I think once his part starts, the whole song and its rhythm will change.

– Ojalá: yeaaaaaaah!! ♫♪ I see this song as “Ya lo sabia – Part 2” hehe and I’m loving it!

Phew, I’m done. Wake up in case you’ve fallen asleep while reading this LOL I had to write this post and share my thoughts even if I know that no one really cares 😛

In conclusion, I’m counting the days until November 19, I want to enjoy this album and have it on repeat for a long, long time, I’m also dying to hear La atmósfera, the concert version (aka Noche de verano) was AWESOME! The other tracks that aren’t part of the standard edition also intrigue me, thank God there still are surprises left 😀

PS: As I’m here finishing this post, Thalia just uploaded a new photo of the countdown, if she keeps doing it until day X, the wait will definitely be easier 😀

PS2: I WANT IT !!!!!!!!

PS3 (last one, I promise) I was planning to do a comparison with my post What do we know about Thalia’s new album? but I think I’ll leave it for some other time 😀 So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Edward
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 06:30:01

    Are you kidding me? I care about your posts and your thoughts on Thalia, that’s why I always come to your flawless website. I wish this was like the official fan website where all Thalia fans came to discuss and give their opinions on things she’s currently doing. Back in the day, I mean way back in the day we used to have the forum at Univision that seriously was the no.1 Thalia forum online until it went to hell. I haven’t visited that place in YEARS, it turned to trash. And then we used to have the Official Forum at but of course, that was shut down a few years ago after Thalia couldn’t handle the criticism she got for a performance she made LOL. So ever since I’ve tried to find a good website where Thalia news is not just COPY and PASTED, but discussed from a personal point-of-view! And yours was the one that captivated me! Hehe. So yes, continue writing because I love reading what you have to say about her!

    Anyway, I cannot wait for the album too! By the way, I think you’re a newer fan, right? So the album cover is actually AMAZING for us that are “old” fans considering that all her covers before were just beauty shots of her face. LOL. I remember the fits fans would throw when a new album cover featuring Thalia’s beautiful close-up would be released. So not having Thalia’s close-up face is a good thing! LOL. I love it!

    The countdown has officially been started by Thalia, I CANNOT wait to listen to the album in full. By the way, if you’re interested in getting the Target edition let me know. Maybe I can send it to you and we can work something out.


  2. Mariel
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 11:48:09

    (i’ve been hooked with a game for the past few days & i havent notice in real time you just posted another post yay!!)

    @ThalyArgNews also shared another source that could support that AGB Music , 17 tracks (search Habitame Siempre, the site is heavily ajax lol so i cant give the direct link hehe), . We know it’s part of marketing strategy where artist release their album in different versions, usually Deluxe, itunes version etc.. also part of increasing sales too. What I hate is that the edition that is more better is on a store that doesnt offer international shipping hehe!! Amazon sometimes does not ship on some countries, but if they did the shipping fees usually is expensive than the product itself hahaha! Ebay is cheaper though usually it starts as bidding on the products, so we need to wait until the hype goes down a bit lol

    What I really looking forward to finally listen in full (except Habitame Siempre of course! it’s a great song *_*) are: Ojala, Regalito de Dios and Te perdiste mi amor. Tomame sounds interesting too!

    We care about this site!! Just like Edward says! It’s one of the unique and with personal touch websites… that doesnt keep visitors away 🙂 Maybe some of your visitors are just shy to talk hehe!


  3. anamariao7
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 12:46:33

    aaaawww you guys, I was actually kidding when I said no one cares about my thoughts about Thalia, it’s just that sometimes (recently) I write so long posts and start giving a lot of personal details, like the ones about Gloria’s song or who the cover songs belong to etc and while I was writing all that stuff about every single song on the album I asked myself why would anyone care about all that? LOL when I could just write less and a more general opinion. but when I talk about the artists I like I just can’t stop doing it, so when it comes to Thalia it gets even “worse” hehehe but eventually, that’s what this blog is for, so I can write whatever goes through my mind 😀 but you two are very kind, thanks for your words, you’re my favorite readers and I loooove you both ♥ 😀

    @Edward: “I wish this was like the official fan website where all Thalia fans came to discuss and give their opinions on things she’s currently doing.” I keep saying that my blog is open to whoever wants to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions etc but whenever I want to have a guest post I have to personally ask people to write them, until now no one came to tell me “hey, I’d like to write something about… ” (well, there was Matias, but he abandoned me snif snif – *kidding again) and like Mariel said, it seems that my other readers are pretty shy and don’t even comment… I’d really love to have more people participating and writing here, maybe even turn my blog into a collective one, but I don’t know what I should do to motivate people into joining me. maybe the fact that I always write in English is an issue, but I’ve had guest post in Spanish too and I don’t have a problem with that at all, in fact it would be even more awesome to have a bilingual blog.

    tell me more about why the official forum was shut down, what performance generated so much criticism that Thalia couldn’t handle it? 😀 should I be more careful with the things I say here, given that she may be reading it?

    “So ever since I’ve tried to find a good website where Thalia news is not just COPY and PASTED, but discussed from a personal point-of-view! And yours was the one that captivated me!” maybe because mine is the only one there is? LOL do you know other sites or blogs where someone shares their personal point-of-view?

    about the cover, yeah, I’m a new fan, only been one since Primera Fila 😀 which by the way, didn’t have a close-up either and I still love it more than HS. what I don’t like about this cover is that it looks TOO “photoshop”-ed to me, it’s like a beautiful picture with some effects on the colors and the background, something I would do for one of her design contests on Twitter or for my own use, but as a cover maybe more could have been done with it. something more original, interesting, eye catching, I don’t know.

    I’ll let you know about the Target version, if I decide I want it, thanks!

    @Mariel: what are you playing? 😀

    after publishing the post I read on a forum that according to Sony Music Argentina, the album will eventually have only 15 tracks, but I’m too lazy to check that info 😀 and shoot, I just remembered I also saw a photo on Facebook with supposedly the Brasil version, having a lot of extra tracks with portuguese versions of Primera Fila sogs, it also mentioned Sony Music as the source but I couldn’t see if it’s true either. maybe you could work your magic and find out hehe

    I know about Amazon’s huge charges, I’m having my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to buy the album from a store in my country, that if the folks from the company representing Sony Music didn’t lie to me and they’re actually going to bring the album.

    LOL, talked about long posts, now I also seem to write long comments 😀


  4. Mariel
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 14:18:32

    i’ve heard about the Brazil version, but i dont quite believe it as I just saw it in Univision (as you know most ppl there just love to post any illusion they want lol). But I think it’s great if there’s the Brazil version, it will be like AalM album 😀 Cant find any more about the 17 tracks (already gone up to the 20+ of google search page results haha)

    the game im playing is Cook, Serve, Delicious . it may looks like a cheap game base on screenshots, but it’s very challenging, fun and addictive… im already addicted XD

    im like you, i tend to talk/type too much.. to the point of i need to say anything that goes on my mind that is related to the topic that it start to go away from the main discussion lol when i notice that, i stop and rephrase all the sentences i’ve done, that’s why sometimes i’m too concise and/or brief.

    i cant wait for the music videos of from Habitame Siempre album too!!! \o/


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  6. Pete Vieth
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 04:34:04

    Does anynone know how we can order a copy of “Habitame Siempre” CD that has 17 songs????


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