Thalía – Manías (backstage video)

I was really surprised yesterday morning when I got online and saw this video, for most of the day I actually thought it was the “official video” of Manías and I loved it! But apparently it is what it is LOL, just a backstage video of the recording process, not the actual music video of this first single from Habítame Siempre.

Anyway, I like the video because through it we can to join Thalia into her studio and watch the passion with which she works on her music, her emotions, her excitement and even the moments when she’s trying to get her strength back. Just look at her hands, her walks outside or inside the studio, her facial expressions, her smiles and her laughter, her moments of deep concentration and the ones doing silly things. Of course, all this has a lot to do with the song and its meaning, and I think the images blend perfectly with the lyrics, that’s why at first I was convinced this was the actual music video.

I think the reason why I love this video so much is that somehow I’m more fascinated by Thalia the person, not the artist (I think I’ve written about that before), so I wasn’t expecting a “huge” video, with a story or something, with outfits and directed moments, I am more happy with seeing Thalia just the way she is.

Oh, I saw NuestraThalia‘s post yesterday and she reminded me of this picture, I remember trying to find out what song was Thalia covering with her hand, it’s nice to look back at it  now, when I recognize the lyrics 🙂

PS: What I don’t like is how Sony Music keeps handling Thalia’s online promotion, I don’t get it. If this was meant to be just a backstage video, why not mention that in the title or in the description, just so that people don’t get confused? Not to mention how a while ago the lyric video simply disappeared from her VEVO account on Youtube, due to copyright claims by Sony Music. I was like, seriously? Well, at least she does have a VEVO account and there’s some promotion going on with it, like this background image on Youtube, which I assume appears on other videos too, or this thing.


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  1. Mariel
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 12:55:31

    I realy dont get it how the Manias lyric video was deleted/disappeared… I can still play it. Is it the one on ThaliaVevo or other people’s account? Or you’re talking about the Habitame Siempre that was accidentally uploaded (by SMShowRoom) then deleted asap?

    The video is great and seeing her in her more personal and comfortable outfits are just good to see. It was like the Nandito Ako music video

    ..but the video isn’t a music video quality like the one we see on MTV or Channel V (or any other music video channels lol). Thank goodness this isnt the official music video

    I actually remember that pic that she covers the lyrics with her hands because of you lol I remember that you reply on that saying some of the words that are visible (cant recall exactly, and I dont like to search all through your tweets 8 months ago lol). Then when Manias comes out and we are familiar with the lyrics, that pic flashes on my mind and check it out and Manias is the song on that pic 😀


    • anamariao7
      Nov 10, 2012 @ 13:11:39

      yes, it was the lyric video of Manias from her ThaliaVEVO account, take a look me and some other fans started to complain about that, SonyMusicMexico replied that they would check it with SonyMusicLatin and in a couple of hours the video was back on, at least the views count wasn’t reset.

      haha, you’re right about my tweet, I had forgotten that too 😀 and also, if you noticed, during her VEVO chat when she talked to one of the guys (I think @mariosgreciaa) apparently he had figured out that the song in that picture was Manias and she knew that 🙂


  2. Mariel
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 14:04:13

    ahh! it’s true then that it was removed.. then goes back.. that’s why I can still view the video lol i wasnt that online between those time it was gone. i thought you guys are just being paranoid hehe!

    i actually didnt notice the vevo chat.. it’s all Spanish and I’m quite slow in processing if it’s too Spanish lol thanks for pointing that out 😀


  3. David
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 01:44:57

    The highlight and breakout star of the video was Paul Forat! 😛


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