Videos: Thalía – Habítame Siempre (Concert)

After two months of patiently waiting for the airing of Thalia’s concert in New York, the day finally came and while we were all ready to be surprised, amazed, blown away by this concert, something unexpected happened.

If you remember, in my post about the first TV performance of Manías I said I was looking forward to this knowing that I would be truly entertained by the live performances. Well, I was wrong. Just when I though there’s nothing worse than a playback performance, Univision and whoever edited the concert proved me wrong, as watching a concert that had nothing but LIVE performances and hearing the studio audio of the songs instead is much, much worse.

For that reason (and lack of time as well) I wasn’t even able to watch the recording from the beginning to the end, trying to figure out which songs or which parts were live gives me a headache and I just can’t enjoy it.

One of these days I’m gonna take a deep breath, sit back and watch the full concert (hopefully someone will eventually upload the HD version on Youtube) and I’m gonna try to ignore everything that bothers me and just watch Thalia perform, even if the audio is not the live one, I can still watch her body language and pay attention to all the little details that make anything else irrelevant.

I hope the rest of you enjoyed the concert, so here are a few videos if you want to re-watch them 🙂

  • Habítame Siempre:

  • Con los años que me quedan:

  • Manías:

  • Te perdiste mi amor:

  • Bésame:

  • Atmósfera:

  • Equivocada:

  • Medley Cómo, Enséñame a vivir:

  • Medley No me enseñaste, Tu y yo, Entre el mar y una estrella, María la del barrio:

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  2. Edward
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 19:08:12

    Thank you so much for keeping it real and not sugarcoating how awful the editing of this concert was! You’re flawless. The person to blame for such damaging work is the one and only Emilio Estefan, he was the Executive Producer for the concert. I know Emilio and Thalia have a history together both professionally and personally, but seriously, after Lunada Emilio should NOT be allowed ANYWHERE near Thalia’s career! They created magic once upon a time, but Emilio has lost that touch as of late.

    Anyway, I was extremely disappointed once the concert started and I saw they added the album tracks over the LIVE vocals, I could not believe it! I was pissed off, especially considering that Thalia sang AMAZINGLY well! If I had a Twitter I would be spamming Sony Music’s account so they could correct the problem LOL. I mean, Thalia might as well should have just lipped the entire concert if this was going to happen. It just doesn’t make sense to record a live concert and then do this. Oh well, at least we have the fan videos where we can truly appreciate the LIVE voice of Thalia. And trust me, I recorded the concert in HD and it’s not much better, it is beyond obvious what they did with the tracks, and I was like you, I just couldn’t stomach it and didn’t even finish watching it. Thalia did look stunning though! Maybe I will watch it in its entirety during the holiday season when I have extra time lol.


    • anamariao7
      Nov 22, 2012 @ 00:08:02

      hahahaha Edwaaaard, your comment made my night!! 😀 thank you!

      oh, so Emilio’s the one to blame? I wonder what the hell he was thinking!! I mean, seriously! just WHY?!

      the show aired at 2 am here and although I could have stayed up late to watch it online, I thought I should do myself a favor and avoid getting angry because of the live streaming, but damn, if I had made an effort just to find out that the audio wasn’t the live one, I don’t know what I would’ve done! I totally understand your disappointment and being pissed off at what they did. but I doubt that spamming Sony’s Twitter account would make any difference…

      I was actually talking to Mariel and I said that somebody should re-upload the TV concert videos and replace the sound again with the original one hahaha or maybe we should just wait and see if they’re planning on releasing the concert on DVD… with the LIVE audio *fingers crossed*


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