Habitame Siempre – Album signing in Mexico

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Thalia is back to Mexico-oh-oh :D, promoting her new “baby”, Habitame Siempre! First thing on her list? The album signing that took place yesterday, during which she also received the Gold & Platinum disc certification for the sales of HS in Mexico (that would be over 60.000 copies!) Thanks to Sony Music Mexico, we were all able to watch the signing online and let me just start by telling you that for me, it was an incredible experience!

The broadcast started with the host, Arturo Macias, talking a little bit about Thalia’s career and the success of Primera Fila, after which we could watch the “Las muchas vidas de Thalia” documentary. He then talked to some of the fans there, like the guy who was first in line (and spent almost 24 hours there) or some guys of Thalia’s fan clubs – thanks to which I finally found out that MDC is not the only “big” fan club LOL All this was happening while everyone was waiting for Thalia to arrive, at some point they even started a telephone video call for her to say hello, until the moment finally arrived and she got up on stage! Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic!

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thalia looked lovely as always, she thanked everyone for being there, for the support and love they showed to her new album, she mentioned that she knew people had spend the night over there and offered to warm them up hehe and then the president of Sony Music Mexico offered her the disc certifications. It was great to watch it, she was excited and I was excited and happy for her! She then passed to the table, ready to start signing those albums!

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

It was heartwarming to watch her go to this guy in a wheelchair that had been waiting for her and treat him so kindly, or see her give a biiiiig hug to this girl that started crying as soon as she was close to her and couldn’t stop herself… I thought I heard one of the fans say that they weren’t “allowed/supposed” to touch her, just take the signed album and go, but she spent a few moments with everyone, she looked everyone in the eye and asked them questions with a big smile on her face, then leaning towards them to take a picture. All those hours waiting in line, for a few seconds… but I believe it was all worth it!

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery











In the meantime, the broadcast went, from time to time, back to the host, who had a karaoke contest prepared for the fans, a ticket to the Meet & Greet being at stake. Let me just tell you that they sang horribly 😀 Even I could have done it better 😛 Although my ears were in pain, it was fun to watch hehehe. What I liked most about this was the fact that they had the lyric videos prepared and we were able to watch them as they were playing the songs 🙂 (I still hope those lyric videos will be uploaded on her VEVO channel…)

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Apparently, Tommy “Motorola” (this cracks me up) was watching the livestream online and Thalia was in contact with him over the phone, at some point one of her fans, who was impersonating her and called “herself” “Sra. Mottola” got Tommy’s attention and he asked Thalia if that was his new wife hahaha Thalia then danced with her double and took pictures with “her” 😀

Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep talking about what happened during the signing, as I only spent 1 hour watching it since the moment Thalia arrived, I’m just going to say that thanks to this livestream I almost felt like I was there, I felt all the excitement and Thalia’s happiness and it was great, but then I realized I was at home and God knows when or even if I’ll be able to take part in something like that one day. I almost felt like crying… 😦

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Anyway, I always criticize Sony Music for how they handle Thalia’s promotion, but this time I have to congratulate @sonymusicmexico for how they organized this album singing and let us all enjoy it worldwide. From the Twitter activity and the signed copies they gave away to the most involved fans, to the way they broadcast everything that was going on at the singing, they did an amazing job!

Although the singing was supposed to be limited to 1.000 people and last for a couple of hours, Thalia signed 2.000 copies and spent over 4 hours with her fans. Cause she’s that great! ♥


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Today she’s giving TV interviews and it looks like she’ll be on the “La Voz” stage, as MDC is already there! Finally, all the rumors about her going to “La Voz” came true! I HOPE she’ll perform live and show Paulina Rubio how it’s done!! haha Later today, we’ll see Thalia in a Google+ Hangout, with 9 lucky fans that will ask her questions. Don’t miss it!

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thanks NuestraThalia.com (d’oh 😀 ) for the photos, you can find more in the site’s gallery!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 19:35:37

    i’ve checked the livestream (around 7:40ish AM)& a guy singing Ojala(?), with the lyrics all over the screen… and yeah it’s horrible (it’s obvious he did not practice ‘coz he’s out of beat and keep looking on his phone lol)

    i was writing (translating XD) a news for my site & come up on the line where it says photo ops are not allowed… at the back of my mind I said ‘are they crazy? what a killjoy if that will really implement it’ lol and i know that thalia will really accommodate her fans not with just signs but with picture takings and a little chat 🙂

    now the la voz thing is coming true hehe like you, i just wish it’s not lip sync and not those con los años or besame haha maybe Vete or Hoy ten miedo de mi, fitting for the show ‘La Voz’, showing her great voz!! ok fine, Manias will do or Habitame Siempre. or maybe a duet with Pau.. medley of their Ojala songs (Pau’s Ojala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-HEcC_IfJo cover Marco Antonio Solis) !! haha!!


    • anamariao7
      Dec 03, 2012 @ 19:46:14

      all of them were looking at the lyrics on their phones and none of them knew the songs LOL

      and yeah, it would be ironic if on “La voz” she wouldn’t show her voice, but knowing Thalia I’m preparing myself for that haha about the Ojala songs, for a moment I thought Paulina had done the same version, I’m glad she didn’t #phew


  2. Mariel
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 20:07:35

    ahh so everyone are horrible lol i actually did not watch the livestream, especially when first the thing i saw was that guy singing (que horror!), at first i thought they are playing some fillers haha!!

    I like Paulina’s songs (some of them). She sounds more pop than Thalia (for me). Nowadays Paulina was left behind, at her age she doesnt act and make music according to her age, no evolving.. unlike what Thalia’s doing and some other artists. I actually thought Thalia will also do cover of Solis’s Ojala of which Paulina did it too, I was quite nervous too if that happens… then few seconds HS album previews are out lol We’ll just see!!

    Oh, finally her eye prob finally gone XD it didnt make it to Mexico lol


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