My Habítame Siempre :)

I couldn’t let 12.12.12 go away without posting anything… and the most important and special thing I have to share right now is that I finally have Habítame Siempre in my hands! 😀


A couple of weeks ago I posted something in Romanian, I was inviting Thalia’s fans to buy the album from an online store here in our country. After having talked to the so called representatives of Sony Music in Romania, which led to absolutely nothing, I talked to the guys from this online store and they immediately offered me the possibility to order the album! As Thalia’s fan, I think this is a great thing, even if we don’t have the album in stores, at least we can buy it online!

Anyway, I was really excited when they told me it would take 3-4 weeks to get the album – which by the way was supposed to be the standard, 12 tracks edition – and yesterday, after only 2 and a half weeks, I finally got it! And surprise: it’s the 15 track edition, yay!! It’s actually imported from Argentina 😀


You may be confused and ask yourselves why am I so happy about this, well, to answer your question, I have to make a confession… this is actually my first Thalia CD (for those of your who got on this blog later, I’ve only been her fan for 2-3 years – ironically, it should have been Primera Fila, since that’s the one thanks to which I’m her fan today) and there are lots of reasons for which I hadn’t bought any of her CDs until now… So that’s why this one means so much to me ♥ I may not have a big collection of her albums, or magazines or things like that, but I try to compensate it in other ways… and one day I’ll get there too 😀

PS: The pics are pretty bad, sorry about that.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 22:55:15

    Felicitari 🙂


  2. Monica
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 01:26:53

    De pe Am ramas pt ca mi-a placut sa citesc analize, nu doar stiri clinice. Opinions are nice. Cand am vazut postul in romana am fost surprinsa in sensul bun 🙂
    Ma bucur ca magazinul online works as advertised, l-am vazut si eu de ceva vreme cu oferta sa-ti importe albumul dorit.


  3. Mariel
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 18:02:32

    yahooooo!!! so this is your cd!! (nice manicure btw :D) i know the feeling of getting ‘the first’ stuff 😀 experienced that with Lunada, my first online purchase.. one of the 1st 50 buyers blah blah from a contest before hehe!

    now i found out that we are the same again! im not a big collector too & as a fan, i do it on other ways too.. but for sure if i have more money, I would definitely buy her cds too!!

    PS indeed Monica’s site is gorgeous! i feel like being charitable again on my fellow fansite owners 😀


    • anamariao7
      Dec 17, 2012 @ 18:53:59

      yep, that’s my CD 😀 (thanks, lol, I don’t pay much attention to it) wanna know smth funny? inside the booklet at the text dedicated to Habitame Siempre I noticed a typo LOL it says “habitaran muestras almas” I wonder if all CDs have that LOL also, I still can’t get over the fact that Walter A. produced Con los anos :((

      and yeeees, it seems that we’re the same in so many ways hahaha that’s why we get along so well 😛

      I didn’t understand what you meant by “feel like being charitable again on my fellow fansite owners” 😀 but uhm.. ok 😀 I was just asking her where she knew my blog from, as I was surprised to see she’s Romanian like me and turns out I have to thank you for that cause she saw my blog on your site 😛 and her site is gorgeous indeed, I really like Natalia Oreiro so I’m definitely going to keep visiting it 😀


  4. Mariel
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 10:47:57

    wow. took me over a week to see the reply lol (gues i should check ‘Notify me of follow-up..’ XD)

    you sure it’s not the ‘muestra’ word? i know there’s a ‘muestra’ word.. in Filipino it means ‘to show’ like in a charade game. but since you’re better in Spanish than me then I’ll go with you hehe I’m devastated whenever I remember Walter A worked on Con los anos haha!

    the ‘charitable’ thing I said is, whenever I see a very good fansite (contents and design layout), I usually contact the owner & donate some HQ photos of their celebrity topic 😀 (like now I regularly gave photos to Camila Sodi, RBDforever/fotos, Belinda and Paurubio fansites) i always like a fansite that is clean in design which I have hard time to do it on my own site… ‘coz I always end up wanted this and that effects etc. and usually I never implemented it hahaha!!


    • anamariao7
      Dec 26, 2012 @ 17:30:22

      yeah, I guess you should, mostly because you comment on so many posts and I don’t always reply right away, it’s soon going to become difficult for you to keep track hahaha
      I’m sure it’s not “muestra”, like I said the phrase was “habitaran muestras almas”, it should be “nuestras” = “will live in our hearts”
      oh, now I got the charitable thing, thanks for explaining. well you should do some charity for that Natalia Oreiro fansite if you can 😀 but hey, how come you haven’t “donated” any pictures to me? DON’T YOU LIKE MY CONTENT AND DESIGN LAYOUT?!?!?! hahahaha I’m just kidding, you know I’m great at helping myself with pics from your site 😀 and you’ve donated other valuable things to me 😀


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