Thalia – Manias: Live at La Voz Mexico 2

thanks ThaliaWorldNews for the FB video

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for Best Live Performance goes to… Thalia !!!

That’s what I’m talking about !!!  What an incredible, breathtaking performance! That’s THE VOICE!

After the Sabado Gigante & HS concert airing disappointments, watching this was so refreshing, so great, so… I’m speechless! I mean, WOW!

I honestly don’t know what else to say, I can’t find words good enough to match such an amazing thing… I can only say that to me, this is by far one of Thalia’s best performances EVER, if not the best one.

To sum it up in one word: PERFECT.



PS: Well, her performance was indeed perfect, but of course, something had to happen. The guys @ La Voz thought they should edit the full performance and cut out some parts, maybe thinking that no one will notice LOL. They even fooled me, but other fans were much more attentive to those details (like min 01:30 – 01:32, thanks @tsodicom). They should be ashamed.

PS2: You can download the HD video via or ThaliaWorldNews.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 17:04:53

    2 thumbs up for the live performance.. as I will always say, not my favorite song (it’s just like Equivocada 2 for me lol) but performing it live gave it an extra points from me. that is why like you, I didnt get paid attention with it that’s because thats how I dont prefer that song XD but when Muzaffer busted the edited part, now I get it of what those people are shouting about the edit hehe!

    Would be a bit better if she did La apuesta with Rubin since she’s in Mexico.. 3 ex-Timbiriches on the La Voz Mexico hehe!! Anyway, yeah I know Manias is the single.. fine… soooooo is that the already official music video they have for Manias (the recording thingy)? When they gonna release the second single? The year will end, new year starts that means it’s the awards season again.. so she should be having another single soon (please not Con los años!!)

    I like her dress & the shoes… and this time she didnt wear any leggings she sported out like in Sabado Gigante or in some HS concert performances. The star galaxy thingy on the video is quite annoying too.. already too much glitter on screen as her make up is glittery enough XD and oh!! that closing part with just those light behind her, fantastic!!


    • anamariao7
      Dec 17, 2012 @ 18:43:40

      oh come on! how can you still not love Manias, especially after this performance?! 😛

      I don’t know what to say about the music video, for some reason I feel that if they’re gonna make another video, it’s going to be with footage from the concert, the fans or smth like that 😀 although maybe the fans thing was only for FB and nothing more.

      did you watch that “backstage” video in which she said the dress was “dorada” for Paulina & that she chose it especially for her as she thought they were going to meet? 😀 hahaha

      as for the next single, they could do the ft. Prince Royce in USA & ft. Erik Rubin in Latin America… but I would prefer No soy el aire or Atmosfera 😀 but yeah, definitely not Con los anos LOL

      I didn’t notice her make-up LOL but the galaxy thing yes, although I didn’t mind it was there. I was so absorbed by the performance that nothing else mattered – except the moment when she goes towards the public and they’re ALL OVER HER LEGS LMAO


  2. Mariel
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 20:37:17

    oh yeah, I almost forgot the Manias video contest thingy stuff.. what was that really? lol

    havent watch the backstage, but it’s cool that she choose that dress for Paulina… hmmm if there’s no tension or rivalry, why the heck they dont meet on stage and do beso beso, just being a gossiper haha! Now I remember those big lights behind her, it reminded me of something but cant figured it out earlier.. it’s the music video of Cantando por un sueno and her performance for the premiere of the same name talent contest 😀

    I agree also with your next single choice… if she/they choose another ballad for the next single its definitely No soy el aire. Maybe it’s the Habitame Siempre? Remember the lyric video was accidentally uploaded on youtube? (too bad i didnt manage to catch it lol). Maybe Con los anos to be single for Mexico.. those guys on that song are famous Mexican singers.. oh dear!! La apuesta please haha!! I can tolerate Manias, but not Con los anos (no offense to Gloria, her version is of course better, it’s just that Thalia’s version is all over the place hehe!)

    it was like a zombie attack towards the end.. but why not, it’s one of the precious moment & opportunity to touch or feel her, seize the moment!! hahaha!


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  4. vania catrinque de oliveira
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 01:34:58

    thalia como vai vocé esta ben manda seus video no twitter eu esto ver seus música twitter todo os dias, esta oquei


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