Thalia in 2012 (4) – Magazine features and Instagram shots

Since for Thalia in 2011 posts I had a part called “Commercials and Magazine features” and Thalia hasn’t done any commercials this year (not that I know of), I thought I could change the title a little bit and do something different (thanks Mariel once again for the idea haha). Instagram has been a big part of Thalia’s life this past year, since the moment she started posting photos in April up to now, when she has over 600 pics, so for this post I chose 20 of the ones I like the most. But let’s first take a look at her magazine features, shall we? 🙂

Thalia’s been on the cover of three major magazines in 2012, first of them back in MayPeople en Español:

Inside the magazine we could also find two amazing photographs, here’s one of them:

Now we can jump all the way to December, when Thalia was featured on the covers of Caras and Glamour magazines:

Here’s a making of video from the Caras photo shoot, definitely the most impressive one:

Another couple of magazines worth mentioning are the latest issue of Fernanda and the article in Billboard: Photo Gallery

as well as the covers of Amiga (Honduras) and Vida Latina (San Diego) – which are pretty much the same 😛

And now, let’s talk about Thalia’s photos on Instagram. As soon as you start checking them out, you just can’t not love them, whether it’s a pic of colorful cupcakes, a beautiful sunrise or a presentation of her outfit or nail polish of the day, they’re all very well taken and reflect her passion for photography. But what gets the attention the most are her self-portraits (or the pics in which she’s posing while somebody takes them for her), photos in which she looks like a teenager, does funny things and acts like a kid or amazes with her gorgeous smile, sincere eyes and incredible hair ♥ I instantly fell in love with these photos and I think any of them could easily be part of a magazine:


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 09:38:23

    Niiiice!! I thought you missed out the other People Espanol feature, I’ve search my site & it was a Nov 2011 issue hehe!

    The Fernanda magazine is great! The photos there are awesome.. If only they scan it better & include the whole article not just the photos.. so I can know who’s the photographer & possibly search more of it! Oh well!

    You’re right about her Instagram pics!! It’s the closest personal photos we can have about her.. plus giving us some glimpse of her projects 😀 I very like her pics on her Sabrina’s birthday.. the balloons and face paint! I can imagine her kid had a great children’s party!! I can remember how they spent Matthew’s bday though 😀


  2. Yanira Patrick
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 02:24:21

    Our Thalia is a beautiful human being both inside&out. The pics are awesome.
    Like, Like


  3. Mariel
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 15:19:43

    I knew it, you left one magazine issue! But not sure hehe But you’re right not to include it.. it’s not appropriate anymore, thanks Laura! lol

    I did a typo, should be ‘I can’t remember how they spent Matthew’s bday though’… but great you got it right XD But yeah, she didnt share some pics of her son’s 1st bday (I think she just tweeted something about it).. but for sure, it’s a grand occasion for them.

    I dont know about WP new gallery features XD But you’re welcome 😀 The arrangement.. I’m very quite perfectionist when it comes to arranging the pics hehe that’s why I’m very detailed when it comes to filenames 😀 I seldom use WP gallery. I usually use a third-party plugin CoppermineSC, that’s the one I use on gallery updates (the one that says ‘view more images from this album’ on my site’s posts). WordPress has so many wonderful features, that’s why it’s my first choice when building websites 🙂

    Right now I dont have any ideas to share, usually it just suddenly pops out on my mind hehe!! The guest post I promised, well my brain is not working properly lol I have hard time remembering the shoes or dress or jewelry Thalia wore more than once in different events (but I’m sure, she already did it several times).. & these days I dont have much free time for my sites. For sure I will have them by next year! Hopefully on my sites 5th anniversary online on Feb!! 😀


  4. vania catrinque de oliveira
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 18:24:49

    thalia feliz ano novo,brilha muito no sol que esta maviolhoso,quando vocé brilha.


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