Thalia in 2012 (5) – Contests & Twitcams

This is my last post of the “Thalia in 2012” series, maybe I should have stopped at 4 haha but since I’ve got a lot to write about in this “category”, I couldn’t just forget about it. So, given their number, I’d say that 2012 has been the year of Twitter / Facebook contests and also of Twitcams (and other variations).

Although I didn’t participate in nearly any of Thalia’s contests – in spite of dreaming about having a signed copy of Cada dia mas fuerte or Primera Fila – I find this topic interesting and also think it’s a great way of getting to know more of Thalia’s fans and see the awesome things they can do, so here’s a look back at Thalia’s contests throughout 2012:

One of the contests organized by Thalia that got the most attention is definitely the #YogaPose, which started in January and had not 10, but 30 lucky winners:

February brought another fun contest, #CaraChistosa, Thalia being an expert at making funny faces in photos 😀

In March, F.A.N.S had to dress up as Thalia and the winners were once again, not 10, but 20! Here’s a video of the 80 finalists!

A few months later, in June, Thalia came up with another contest: Your Thalia Video Clip, a sequel to #MiDisfrazDeThalia, in which this time contestants had to make a video using one of Thalia’s songs. The creator of the best video was supposed to  receive a signed copy of CDMF and PF, but of course, Thalia chose more than one video, making it 5.

You’d think that’s all, but we have two more contests: #UnasMiBandera and ThaliaBFF in July. And I think that’s all 😀 Of course, Thalia hasn’t stopped with the contests, coming up every once in a while with new ideas, like asking people to send pictures of them doing specific things and recommending the one with the most favs 🙂

I really love how Thalia thought of these contests and of rewarding her F.A.N.S for all their love, at the same time making it fun for everyone, not to mention her generosity when it came to the moment of choosing the winners. I can only hope that in 2013 she’ll start new contests, cause a signed copy of Habitame Siempre would be great! 😀

“Twitcams” have also been a big part of Thalia’s relationship with her fans this year, since we’ve got the chance to watch her multiple times and even ask her questions live via webcam, not just tweets, thanks to the Vevo Ask:Reply and Google+ Hangout.

February was definitely special, as Thalia spent almost an hour on a Twitcam celebrating her 3 million followers on Twitter. You can re-watch it here or read all about it in my post: A night to remember: Thalia’s 3rd Twitcam

By June Thalia reached 4 million followers and with it she did another Twitcam, this time shorter – 17 mins – here’s my “review” 4 million hearts brought together by one person: Thalia

Septemeber brought the Vevo Ask:Reply chat and some lucky fans made their dreams come true by taking directly to Thalia 🙂

And finally, the Google+ Hangout, held at the beginning of December, gave fans another chance at having a conversation with Thalia:

2012 has been a great year for Thalia and us her F.A.N.S as well, hasn’t it? We’ve had some wonderful Performances, found out more about Thalia and her current project, Habitame Siempre, during the Interviews she gave, admired her beauty and elegance with the Events she attended and fell in love with her Magazine features and Instagram shots, while at the same time we’ve had fun participating in her contests and got closer to her thanks to video chats. We’re more than ready to welcome 2013 and all the good things that it will bring!


Thanks NuestraThalia, ThaliaDivameukafofo and Youtube/Vimeo users:

Renáron C’San.SpiKeGR25Andres MontesThaliaRemixesVEVONukito SakaëthalyrumaniaThaliaErunivisionentertaingraziela250thaliaesmividaThaliaNovelasAmor Sólo Música Romántica, Erika AlinaMDC Thalia OficialprogramaenvivoYéssica MorenoDaniel S
for providing the photos and videos used in this series of posts.

Also, thanks to everyone who RTed/shared these posts… and of course, thank you, Thalia, for everything.


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