January highlights + some February news

Hello? Is anybody there?

Sorry for not having posted anything for over a month, I’ve been studying for my exams… but I’m here now and although I found myself doubting (once again) whether I should keep this blog alive or not, I decided I should give it yet another chance…

So, let’s see… The first notable thing I’d like to talk about is Thalia’s “Hero” cover at the Dubin Breast Center Benefit, I mentioned it in a previous post and at that time I didn’t think we’d ever get to listen to it, but thankfully the guitar player uploaded it on his channel and voila!

It’s a lovely performance, it pleasantly surprised me 🙂 What I hated the most was the “audience”, I still don’t understand how they could talk so loud during such a special moment, instead of keeping their mouths shut and enjoy it! I would love this video even more if I could just enjoy it at its best. I also think it was an interesting song choice, I guess lots of people were expecting her to sing one of her new songs, but as I see it, she was there as a guest and to do some good, not for promoting her new album, so picking that song was a selfless act, don’t you think?

At the beginning of January I was pretty excited with that new photo shoot we discovered in the Pasion magazine and not long after that, two new pictures appeared in Circulo Mixup. You can find the full scans here.

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

We also have a new photo on the cover of “Solo para ti” magazine, but for some reason I think the pic looks a bit weird 😀

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

And as you may already know, Thalia’s participation at Premios Lo Nuestro 2013  is a fact, moreover, it’s also a sure thing that she’ll be joined by Prince Royce for a performance of her new single, Te Perdiste Mi Amor. I only hope that won’t be all and that she’ll sing more than just one song. Don’t miss it on February 21st!

Here’s the cover of the single (once again, as if you hadn’t see it yet LOL)

By the way, I have a really big problem with the promotion of this song. First of all, as usual, fans were the ones who first found out about the release date and the cover… Second of all, the cover says “RADIO EDIT” and on the release day, the promotional tweets were like “Listen to the NEW version”. I’m sorry, what “radio edit”? What “new version”? I did listen to it and to me it seemed that the only thing new and edited about this song were the 2 seconds that were left out. I mean, seriously? Why say things like that when they’re obviously not true (or maybe I’m wrong) and not just say that “Hey, the new single is Te Perdiste Mi Amor, buy it now!”? Oh well…

I can’t wait for the official video, do you think it’ll be the same one from the Habitame Siempre concert, like they did with Manias?

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

Thalia’s husband, Tommy Mottola, released his memoir – Hitmaker: The man and his music – at the end of January and it’s interesting to see what he had to say about Thalia in the book, other than the lovely dedication:

For Thalia, the angel who dropped into my arms from the sky. Your eternal love and commitment, and my long journey to find you, has changed my life forever. Te amo mucho por siempre.

Thanks to Mariel, who got us the excerpts, we can now discover the other side of stories like their first date, how their relationship grew, the proposal or the wedding. If you’ve got some time to check them out, go ahead, click here.

What else? Apparently Thalia’s radio show, “Conexion Thalia”, will expand from weekends to weekdays, from the usual 2-hour per week schedule to a Monday to Friday one, starting in March. I think it’s a great achievement after all those years, I’m just wondering how that will interfere with Thalia’s tour 😛 In the meantime, although the show’s very active online, see @thaliaradio on Twitter and Conexion Thalia Oficial on Facebook, I can not say the same about the official page, thaliaradio.com, which now looks like a beginner’s WordPress blog, it’s not even updated to the latest shows anymore, not to mention the podcasts. It’s a pity honestly and I really hope they’ll take care of that soon.

On the other hand, thalia.com was finally updated, well… at least the front page, cause “Thaliland” as I call it is still there… Here’s a preview, pretty cool, isn’t it?


PS: In case you missed it, check out my post about the previous versions of the site! Journey to the past: Thalia.com throughout the years

Last but not least, Thalia will perform and receive an award at Premios Cadena Dial 2012 in Tenerife, Spain on March 13 and apparently she’ll also be promoting the album (which was released in Spain a few days ago) in Madrid on the 11th and 12th, I think. Of course, I won’t be going to any of those events snif snif, missing another chance at meeting Thalia. This weekend she gave an interview for Cadena Dial (well, we all know it was pre-recorded, but for some reasons the DJ’s kept insisting it was a live interview via satellite), during which she didn’t give any new details about the tour or… anything 😀

You can listen to it here, via:

[audio http://mediablog.cadenadial.com/dial_tal_cual/files/2013/02/escucha-la-ENTREVISTA-THALIA-aqui.mp3]

That’s about all, hope you’ve found this post useful, in case you’ve also been busy with exams or other things and didn’t have time to keep track of all the things that happened over the past month or so.

Thanks NuestraThalia.com for keeping me updated and for the material used here 😀 and by the way, Happy 5th Birthday!!!


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  1. Mariel
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 20:50:36

    looking on the ‘music videos’ they just release… i will not be surprise if the music video for Te perdiste is from the private concert XD what’s their excuse for not having the budget for doing a real music video? the album has several certifications so that kinda mean they already earn a bunch lol

    i do hope she’ll sing other than Te perdiste on PLN.. well maybe another endless Manias song haha I’m not quite sure about Tenerife, but I guess this is the same as PF’s Spain promotion.

    (thanks for the greeting!)


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