Thalia feat. Female singer?



Today I really feel like writing a post, but since I can’t seem to find a good idea on my own, I’ve decided to take this subject I found on the Thalia Trilogy forum, cause djfernandez (I wonder what his username on Twitter is) has pointed out an interesting fact: all of Thalia’s duets are with men! (Well, except the one with Rocio Durcal, but as he said, it’s not like they shared the same stage / studio, since it was a produced duet, like the one with Elvis… so it doesn’t actually count.)

Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Samo, Jesus Navarro, Leonel Garcia (Ok, so we’re even going from duets with one man, to “duets” with 3 men), Erik Rubin, Prince Royce are all only from Habitame Siempre (!!). Adding names like Pedro Capo, Joan Sebastian from Primera Fila, or Tony Bennett, Romeo Santos and others from different moments in her career. Ok, I get it, Thalia likes men 😛 but what about her fellow female singers? How come out of all these collaborations she’s done over the years, none of them was with a woman?

Does Thalia really have some kind of conflicts when it comes to working with other female artists, like djfernandez wonders? Is it a matter of paperwork? – well, given how many duets she’s done, I doubt it – Or simply difficult to find someone to perfectly match and complete her voice? – this is actually a good point, but I still believe that after all these years, finding that special voice wouldn’t be so hard. What other reasons could there be? Competition? Please, it’s not like Thalia is at any moment threatened by other artists, she’s got her well deserved place among them in the music industry. Besides, sharing a song with someone should be done mainly for the love of music, and of course it would benefit both artists, not just one of them. So what’s the answer? Photo Gallery


I really can’t wrap my head around this! Maybe she just didn’t feel like it or didn’t find a good moment for a duet with a woman and I’m here struggling to unravel this mystery LOL. But one thing’s for sure: I would LOVE to hear her sing with another female artist, and apparently I’m not the only one. So here comes the part where we throw some names in, mostly of our other favorite singers, I guess :P. Yeah, I’d love to listen to a song featuring Laura Pausini, Celine Dion, or Malu, now that she’s going to Spain hehe. Uhm, let’s see, who else? Lady Gaga, maybe? hahaha that would be so much fun 😀 Shakira? that would be interesting too. Gloria Estefan would probably be on top of the list, because of their great friendship. Not to mention J.Lo or Beyonce, that would be HOT! Oh, and that duet with Anahi that everyone’s been asking for… There are so many possibilities!

Who knows, maybe Thalia’s next album will be a Duets one (featuring only men hahaha) or maybe she’ll surprise us sometime soon with an incredible song done together with a female singer 😀 Until then, let’s just listen to the one with Rocio Durcal, proof that she could do such a duet without any problems.


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  1. Mariel
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 21:30:50

    oooooooooooh i forgot to mention you over YM that Nelly Furtado tweeted (but deleted it) that she recorded a song with Thalia (I dont know if you know this). A friend of mine told me that before too. Dunno if it’s for Thalia or Furtado’s project. Maybe it’s a fake, though I dont know if there’s an existing Tweet generator or something 😀

    But yeah, she should do duets with other female artists. Whatever happened to Divas Latinas? It’s on Univision’s upfront press release 2010 & actually have a page for it on their Univision marketing website thing (cant find the link now, maybe they deleted it as it doesnt comes up on google anymore).. maybe they have shelved it ‘coz of conflicting schedule of the 10 divas (Thalia & Paulina on the same suppose special XD)


    • anamariao7
      Feb 12, 2013 @ 21:47:13

      I remember reading about that tweet on the Univision forum, but they said it was fake cause the tweet is nowhere to be found in Nelly Furtado’s timeline. there are tweet generators (not ones that would come up with a pic like this anyway), but you can easily make something like that in Paint hahaha proof: LOL it’s close enough 😀

      hmmmm… don’t know what to say about Divas Latinas, I even had to look it up to remember what it was about hehe


  2. Ricardo Brauna
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 19:09:19

    There is the duo in Mucho gusto ( ) with Laura Zapata… But, well, I guess that isn´t happening anymore now… LOL!


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