Journey to the past: Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro

As you already know, Thalia’s one of the confirmed artists for this year’s edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, in only two days we’ll be able to see her perform with Prince Royce their new hit, “Te Perdiste Mi Amor”, but until then, I thought we could take a look back at her moments at PLN throughout the years.

PLN started in 1989 and was created by Univision, honoring the best Latin artists of the year. Thalia’s first nomination came in 1998 in the Artista Femenina category, which she also won. Since then, she’s been nominated 28 more times and won 5 other awards.

Later edit: I knew I must have left out something important, thanks to my friend @spike_23 for providing the info about Thalia’s presence at PLN in 1995 and 1996!

In 1995, Thalia handed over the awards to artists like Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Julio Iglesias.



In 1996, it was Gloria Estefan who received an award from Thalia’s hands (now I think that made the 2010 moment even more special) and Thalia also performed “Piel Morena”.




Since I can’t seem to find any pics or videos from 1998 (maybe she didn’t attend?) let’s go to 2001, when out of 3 nomination, she received the Artista del pueblo award.

Red carpet: Photo Gallery

Speech (look at that hair! hehe her speech was pretty cool too, far from the usual boring ones people tend to give :D):

Performance (not a live one 😛 but since she put her Arrasando video on stage, it’s understandable):

A year later, Thalia got 3 nominations once again, out of which she won the Artista femenina de música regional mexicana award.

In 2003, Thalia received the Género pop (Audiencia internet) award and performed her hit “A quien le importa”.

Red carpet (nice pose ♥): Photo Gallery


Performance (interesting entrance & outfits 😀 and uhm.. what’s happening at min 2:04? LOL):

In 2004 Thalia gave one of my all time favorite performances, with “No me ensenaste”. Such a shame that the song didn’t get the Canción del año award…

Red carpet: Photo Gallery


In 2007, her duet with Romeo Santos, “No no no”, got her the award for Canción del año, but apparently she didn’t attend either…

Finally, 2010 brought one of the most memorable moments, as Thalia received the “Jóvenes con Legado” award from her longtime friend Gloria Estefan, which was really emotional… and she also gave one of the most epic performances so far.

Red carpet: Photo Gallery



Well, this only took an hour to write. I left out most of her nominations, but I think gathering all her red carpet appearances, speeches and performances that I could find is more than enough 😀 Let me know which was your favorite moment! 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’m looking forward to writing one about
Thalia at PLN 2013!


Thanks for the photos, to all the Youtube users that uploaded the videos I used and Wikipedia for the info.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gangnam
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 02:17:16

    I really love her performance in year 2004. such a diva. too bad that audience didn’t gave her the standing ovation that she really deserved. And with the singing in crane moment lol. love it. You forgot to add the piel morena performance in 1995. is it in premio lo nuestro right?


  2. Mariel
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 04:41:26

    Her 2003 outfit is gorgeous.. as we know she loves Japanese (remember Por Amor at Premios TV y Novelas 😀 i was like, oh!! she likes Japanese back then). One thing I could never forget when I have the photos in HQ & looked closely on the minidress.. I was like WTF??? it’s like her dress is ripped off & then sew it badly or something (skirt, butt area) XD

    We have the same all time fave performance (one of my top!), No me ensenaste.. probably ‘coz of the crane ‘stunt’ and the blowing-curly-hairs of hers LOL


    • anamariao7
      Feb 20, 2013 @ 11:04:57

      I hadn’t seen that Premios TV y Novelas performance either 😀

      I thought about you while I posted the 2010 red carpet dress hahaha and I almost put this pic cause it cracked me up when I noticed her toe ROFL

      the 2004 performance isn’t my favorite because of the crane or the blowing curly hair, but because of how she sang the song, especially starting with min 3:10… her voice was a bit shaky at some points, but then at 3:30 whoa!


      • Mariel
        Feb 20, 2013 @ 12:03:15

        hahaha!! that’s one weird shot, glad you notice the toe XD one of my most fave shot of her on that event is , it’s like ‘make way, goddess is on the way’ hehe! i still dont like the dress though, it’s like incomplete.. though i like the pics where she shows her legs (no, not just to toe XD). still, i think whatever dress she wore, she always rock it!

        i really cant wait for the event, much especially the performance (cross fingers for live performance woooooooohooooooooooo!) & i’ll find myself again like this gathering all the pics (especially HQ XD) cant find better meme for something busy-staring-on-computer-waiting-for-some-things-to-be-done-but-you-get-the-idea!

      • anamariao7
        Feb 20, 2013 @ 13:19:32

        hahaha awesome pic, and you’re totally right about the ‘make way, goddess is on the way’ LOL

        you’re going to have a crazy time with the pics, while I’ll be sleeping and by the time I’ll wake up everyone will have already posted everything there is about PLN 2013 hahaha

  3. gangnam
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 01:45:16

    ohh! haha I really really love that no me ensenaste performance. but the best is the Latin grammy 2002 (out of the topic-PLN) haha


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