New concert dates: Habitame Siempre in New York and Mexico

Ok, I guess I should make just one post and update it, cause apparently dates come up everyday now 😀



Let’s see, we’ve got three dates so far in the US:

and one in Mexico:

The US ones are all pretty close to each other, I just hope Thalia’s vocal chords won’t suffer because of that… given the long break she’s had…

I’m curious to see which other countries and cities will be added to her tour map 🙂

PS: As a random thing, I don’t usually write about these things… after the post I wrote yesterday, at night I dreamed I was at a Malu concert and Thalia was sitting right in front of me, she was also going to perform Te perdiste mi amor and I kept making mean comments until she turned around and asked me to stop it already and keep those comments to myself… it felt really bad 😀 Made me think how she would react if she read all the things I say here sometimes… I’m sorry 😦


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 19:55:59

    I’m quite afraid that ‘coz of the concerts, she won’t be on some NY gala events that she usually attends.. I do hope she’s invited or go on this year’s Met Gala as it has a very interesting theme.

    your dream is weird, but probably yeah.. your inner conscience says you’re being so mean!! but heck no… well maybe do it in a more neutral tone 😀


    • anamariao7
      Feb 26, 2013 @ 20:30:05

      come on, she’s been to enough events, concerts are more important 😀

      you think that was weird? you’ve seen nothing, my dreams are usually far more weird than that LOL but do you think I’m actually that mean here on the blog? (what happens on Y!m stays on Y!m :D) no wonder she ignores me 😐


  2. Mariel
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 17:51:49

    well, she can skip semi-private-ish events like Everglades or Robin Hood Foundation.. but the likes of Met Gala where big stars and other famous people are there…

    but anyway, yeah, change of atmosphere.. finally the concert tour she’s talking about in 5 years!! LOL btw i dont believe on the Estefan Broadway stuffs.. she can’t ‘find’ that right script for a novela comeback, what more doing a stage act in front of a live audience. Plus that Estefan’s the one who should’ve produce that Univision special Divas Latinas i think 3 years ago.. until now there’s no any progress what happened to that ( press release of program lineup).. my point is, the project might be shelved or they might choose fellow Cubans… ‘coz I think they also have strong Cuban roots proudness. Yeah William Levy is Cuban but he’s quite too hot to act as Emilio, & Levy is not the only Cuban actor out there.

    common you’re not that mean!! you’re just enough and right (or probably we’re just the same the way we point out/criticizes/whatever you call it). you know what real ‘mean’ is? read posts from anti-thalia on Univisions, those are far more than ‘mean’ XD but if you really do feel being too meany on your blog & the reason why she ‘ignores’ you, mellow a bit. but remember we are fans, not some religious cult followers who’ll just like whatever the idol do or say XD


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