New videos! …on ThaliaVEVO

Hahaha when I wrote the post about the official video of TPMA and said that Manias has 3 videos, I should have seen this coming: TPMA has another video now, the PLN performance 😀 By the way, the first one got 1.2 million views in just 6 days!

Now, where’s the lyric video?! 😛

There’s also a video of Habitame Siempre on ThaliaVEVO, which “the uploader hasn’t made available in my country” (thanks uploader!), but judging from the preview image I can get, it’s also from the HS concert.

Enjoy! 😀


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  1. Mariel
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 09:21:34

    ahh.. that is why they’ve deleted my HD video that i got from univision & as well leave me a copyright strike on youtube (And i think they did that on other videos too ‘coz I dont see them anymore or it’s block, but they are still few existing). One more strike my account will be deleted there & i wont try my luck lol they’ve also deleted the one from the NY concert that was uploaded last November 2012.. months ago! Doing mass deletion… oh, not only they delete the video, it also says the video is blocked worldwide XD haha!! now i see they want all the ‘view’ for them XD They dont have difference from people who are hungry for their video ‘views’

    well ok, i get the copyright part.. but hey, we are not gaining any $$ for it.. they are the one ‘afraid’ of ‘losing’ (not ‘loosing’? XD) $$

    ok enough rant XD hmmm yeah where’s the lyric video? if they cant produce real music video.. ‘at least they should come up with new stuff, not recycling old performances.


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