Thalia’s visit to Spain

Thalia’s visit to Europe has come and gone and I could finally find some time and energy to write about it. These last few days have been a mixture of feelings for me because of this visit, on one hand I was excited to see her get so much love not only from Spain, but from other European fans as well, but on the other hand, I would have loved to be one of them…

Now, let’s talk about how she spent those couple of days.. I loved that she kept us updated, with fun tweets and Instagram photos 🙂 I was surprised to see her so fresh, full of energy and in such good mood during the TV show she was invited to, despite the flight and the jet lag… and especially some of the questions she was asked *rolling eyes*

Moving on, she spent the rest of that first day giving interviews (which I haven’t watched yet) and meeting fans, two of them were Romanians, in fact 🙂 I wonder what her reaction was when they told her.


And of course, she enjoyed the foooood hehe


The next day, she flew to Tenerife for the Cadena Dial 2012 awards, where she looked absolutely gorgeous on the red/green carpet and gave an incredible performance of Manias ♥

Now, I had told her this:

but of course, she totally ignored me and chose to give Miguel Bose an “entrañable” hug… as well as take pictures with Aleks Syntek (?), Jesse and others. Thalia, Y U NO like Pablo Alboran?! *sigh* Anyway…


(Aaaaaand this is where I hit Publish instead of Preview, sorry to my email subscribers for receiving a draft :D)

I think this is one of Thalia’s best performances, don’t you? ♥ I love how she holds the mic so far from her, like she doesn’t even need it! And the “eco… eco” part is my favorite 😀 + the way she breathes out and relaxes her shoulders in the end. Gooood, I wish I could see her in a concert SO MUCH! Did you hear that, Universe? You’d better start conspiring for my wish to come true 😀 Maybe even in Romania!

Although some people didn’t like Thalia’s second outfit of the night, I saw the Jessica Rabbit resemblance right away hehe and I honestly don’t mind it, I’m so impressed by the way she sang that I wouldn’t have minded it even if she had worn a potato sack 😛

I also loved the picture in between the outfits, their looks are priceless hahaha


I was also shocked to see how tired she looked at the airport, poor thing 😦 It’s normal given the crazy days she’s had, but we don’t usually get to see that… At least she could get some sleep and we got another pic hihi


Well, there’s so much more I could say about her visit to Spain, but I think it’s enough for now 😀 It was pretty exciting to know we were on the same continent and I hope she’ll be back soon, maybe to some country where I could actually go to.

Thanks for the videos & for the photos (+ @todothalia)


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  1. Mariel
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 18:37:18

    I love her look on the green carpet! so fresh & young. I remember Emma Watson hairdo on Deathly Hallows 2 NY premiere (flat-ish & well hairsprayed/hair geled/whatever-they-do-to-achieve-that-look lol). And her dress is pretty lovely (though I just dont understand why the long bottom?). Her accessories also made the whole look fun & not boring. It’s my favorite look of her for 2013.

    Havent watch the whole performance (but I might be soonish XD), she did it really great! (faaar more better than the one on Sabado Gigante :D) Oh how she’s better singing live.

    .. edit: now i’ve watch the performance, I remember No me ensenaste (Pepsi Musica/Chart & People Awards)


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