Thalia and Social media

If two years ago (two years?!) I was writing a really short post about Thalia tweeting, today I found myself thinking about what a trend-setter she’s become when it comes to social media. It’s no longer a secret she’s “addicted” to Twitter, her very first tweet was back in 2009, check it out:

and now she’s getting closer and closer to 10.000 tweets – well, that’s almost nothing compared to my 33.000 hahaha, but at least I’ve never been diagnosed with “Twititis” 😛

Anyway, it’s not Twitter I wanted to talk about, but other social networks she’s influenced people into using.

For example, when Thalia started to talk about Pinterest, I made an account right away (and so did at least 3.000 other people, judging from her followers count). And guess what, it’s been 36 weeks since her last pin! I guess she got bored of it (?) or changed her account hehe

Another example is her going to Instagram, as soon as she started posting pictures there, everyone joined her and she now has over 121.000 followers! But unfortunately I don’t have such a smart phone and by the time I get one, she’ll probably get bored of it too hahaha In fact, watch out Instagram, cause Thalia has just discovered Cinemagram! And of course, now everyone’s starting to use it too (not giving names 😛 but you know who you are!)

Or, do you remember that time when she was into Farmville? I still think there was something fishy about that, I just can’t imagine her raising virtual animals and plants or whatever that game is about 😀



One gadget is not enough!

I wonder what’s next… what other app, social network or even Facebook game will Thalia find next and get everyone into it with just one or two mentions? There are endless possibilities! But one thing’s for sure, Thalia is no newbie when it comes to these things, she perfectly knows how to use her social networks in order to keep her fans updated, to get them closer to her and her projects, but most importantly, to have FUN while doing it!

Finally, here’s a short quote from her book, Growing Stronger:

Since social networks have taken over the world, I feel a lot more at peace with my relationship with the media. I thank God that I can communicate with my fans directly, and see their reactions in real time; I can talk to them about everything, and wish them a good night, and even tell them what Lyme disease is all about. I find social networks to be beneficial because they turn every person into his or her very own reporter, which is very liberating.

Keep being your own reporter, Thali, you’re doing a great job! 😀


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  1. matiaspsicologia
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 14:51:59

    FELICIDADES ANITAAAAAAAAAAAAA: 300.000 VISITAS, vos también sos una verdadera social media fans jajajaja. Te quiero


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