Thalia – VIVA! Tour – Chicago

Yesterday night was a memorable night for Thalia and her fans, as her tour “VIVA!” debuted with a sold-out concert in Chicago!

Here’s some info about the concert, don’t continue reading if you want to be surprised during her next concerts 😀


The set list was composed of 20 tracks (!!) taking the audience into a journey through Thalia’s career, with songs like “No se si es amor” of her Timbiriche time, “A quien le importa”, “Seduccion”, medleys like her telenovelas soundtracks “Quinceanera”, “Rosalinda”, “Marimar”, “Maria la del barrio” and of course, the most loved songs of Primera Fila and Habitame Siempre. Here’s the full setlist:

1. Atmosfera

2. Que sera de ti

3. Tomame o dejame

4. Habitame siempre

5. Munequita linda

6. Medley: Amarillo azul / Sangre / En la intimidad (a capella)

7. Medley: Quinceanera / Rosalinda / Marimar / Maria la del barrio

8. Con los anos que me quedan

9. Equivocada

10. No se si es amor

11. Como

12. Ensename a vivir

13. Estoy enamorada

14. Te perdiste mi amor

15. Mujeres

16. Medley: No me ensenaste remix / Tu y yo / Entre el mar y una estrella / Amor a la mexicana

17. Seduccion

18. A quien le importa

19. Arrasando

20. Manias


Thalia changed her outfit twice and took time to talk and laugh with the audience, as well as dance with a couple of fans on stage!

Here’s what someone in the audience said about the concert:

I was there :’) it was so emotional, her angelic voice is flawless I hope you all get to see her live, it was truly one of the best days of my life (whiplash)

I bet everyone there felt the same way 🙂


As for me, I watched this video of “Tomame o dejame” with tears in my eyes, I’m having some mixed feelings again…

This was only the beginning of a series of unforgettable nights, as more concerts are on their way. I’m happy to know that Thalia’s enjoying singing more than ever and I wish her nothing but the best throughout this tour!

Thanks @MDCThalia for the info & Univision Chicago for the pictures (you can find more here) courtesy of Michelle Miner Lugo/Chicago: WGBO.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Mariel
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:37:03

    judging from the video you have here.. i think it’s really worth the wait & money… especially if one is really a fan of hers! as i said before, nothing beats an artists who sings live no matter how not perfect it is compared to the album version of the song they are singing (really prefers singers who sings live).

    are there any ‘stable’ videos out there? ‘stable’ i mean not blocked/deleted by youtube in few hours after i found and shared it on facebook? lol SME+YouTube’s being really mean these days haha it’s embarassing sharing it on facebook and embedding it on our site and found out it’s not available few hours later hahahaha!

    wanna see atmosfera, munequita linda (no robbie?? XD), medleys (except the last one) and ensename a vivir (of course)!!!!

    (sorry i havent been much usually active. not feeling quite well last Sunday, I think I had a flu.. thanks to my great immune system it didnt progress for more days (i usually dont get sick & never been hospitalized etc.). Monday felt better but still not feeling normal. ‘not normal’ that is not using the computer/netbook and not going online 24/7 lol. now I’m back to normal! had a thought i got that ill feeling from talking with you on skype few days/weeks ago!! XD)


    • anamariao7
      Mar 26, 2013 @ 12:07:45

      this video is one of the best I could find, the one “you” shared on FB a few hours ago (all the 3 parts) is good too 😀 hope more will be uploaded and SME + Youtube let us enjoy them!

      I’m still trying to “adjust” to her live versions of Atmosfera or Arrasando haha but I really loved the version of Estoy enamorada, more than the original one actually 😀 I haven’t had time to watch all the videos entirely, just played some parts of them…

      damn, sorry I passed my flu to you through Skype 😦 haha


  3. Mariel
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 13:43:57

    hihi!! i think you know i wasn’t the one who posted those videos XD it’s my friend 😀 he’s really far way better than me in Spanish huh? 😀 yeah he studies in a Spanish school, if I’m not mistaken he’s still attending at Instituto Cervantes in Manila.

    still trying to catch up, so havent watch all those videos carefully 😀

    i think it’s another type of ‘virus’.. medically and computer thing lol


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