Videos: Thalia – VIVA! Tour – Chicago

Here are a few videos I really enjoyed watching (by the way, I’m still surprised the people in the audience were allowed to use their phones to record the show, but I can’t complain, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it from home :D):

These two are great, loved being able to see her big smile while singing and the audio is nice too! More, please!!


Seduccion + A quien le importa

thanks Erika Alina

Also, if you’ve got more time on your hands, watch these 3 ones too:

Atmosfera + Que sera de ti

Medley: Amarillo azul / Sangre / En la intimidad (a capella) +

Medley: Quinceanera / Rosalinda / Marimar / Maria la del barrio +

Tomame o dejame + Munequita linda

Equivocada + Estoy enamorada + Te perdiste mi amor + Mujeres +

Medley: No me ensenaste remix / Tu y yo / Entre el mar y una estrella / Amor a la mexicana

thanks David Molina

And if you still want more, check out Erika’s playlist with 41 videos, here.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 12:58:11

    O_O so many videos!! i need to have a whole day doing nothing but to watch all those lol thanks for the links, now i know where to find those \o/ just watched the atmosfera+que sera, they are really having fun!!!

    been on a live performances (from one of the cosplay event where i accompany my friends who’s a cosplayer), & it does pretty darn noisy juuuust like that! not just the fellow audiences but the musical instruments and the equipments stuffs just, soooo LOUD haha!

    by the way, i always forgot to say, that thank goodness they didnt prohibit recording videos or taking photos from the concert like the one they did on that private concert (although some still manage to record hehe)


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